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Sindhi Songs and Videos : Sindhyat Ji Hika Shaam
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Sindhyat Ji Hika Shaam 
Live Performances at Sindhu Youth Circle for Growth of Sindhi Culture 
Format: LIVE 
Release: 2-Feb-2004 

(All 10 Tracks can be played and downloaded Free)

Live Performance

1Pakha Purana MP3 128 bit 10:27 9.56 MB PlayDownload 
2Kismata Kai Judai MP3 128 bit 10:15 9.37 MB PlayDownload 
3Mohhabat Mein Machandi Wanje MP3 128 bit 4:56 4.51 MB PlayDownload 
4Sadike Sadike, Jhule Jhule, Lal Kalandar MP3 128 bit 11:05 10.1 MB PlayDownload 
5Tujhe Shahar Meain Ayus Kismata Saan MP3 128 bit 6:47 6.21 MB PlayDownload 
6Hika Aas Atham, Husana Jo Hiku Baag Banayan MP3 128 bit 5:06 4.66 MB PlayDownload 
7Are Tuhinji Bhi Kuch Dil Aahe, Dil Hunaji Ain Muhinji Hika Aa MP3 128 bit 8:29 7.76 MB PlayDownload 
8Jeki To mein Aa So Mun Mein Aa, Dil Hunaji Ain Muhinji Hika Aa MP3 128 bit 5:06 4.66 MB PlayDownload 
9Tujhe Sira Jo Kasam Tokhe Dil Dhindus MP3 128 bit 3:32 3.22 MB PlayDownload 
10Kabutar Kabutar Kabutar Kabutaraa MP3 128 bit 6:45 6.17 MB PlayDownload 

Sindhi Songs and Videos : Sindhyat Ji Hika Shaam
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