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javed shaikh salim      [ 2011-10-14 ]
plzz start platform no.9&10 @ &save life of human
somnath      [ 2011-09-23 ]
thank you
Ashok Malwe      [ 2011-09-06 ]
Pl send us Thane Nerul local time table up & down Trains
RAJENDERAF      [ 2011-09-02 ]
VILAS R. VANARASE      [ 2011-08-17 ]
sandeep      [ 2011-08-16 ]
pls start local between Panvel to karjat......pls pls
Rajesh Mulye      [ 2011-08-09 ]
pls start fast train in harbour lines.
MBP      [ 2011-08-02 ]
please start local train services between kurla and panvel... and also please increase the andheri-panvel local train services during afternoon hours....
kapil      [ 2011-08-01 ]
please arrange new train from thane to badlapur from 7 pm to 7.30 pm
Rajendra M. Wani      [ 2011-07-08 ]
please start local between bdalapur and kasara
jayshri      [ 2011-07-07 ]
plz start few semi fast kalyan trains of kurla halting between 8.15a.m to 9a.m .
RAKESH CHAVAN      [ 2011-06-23 ]
Sir.please start lokal train From Diva to CST morning& evening
sachin dinde      [ 2011-06-19 ]
start KASARA train whose time on SHAHAD station is 7.10 a.m.
rajesh      [ 2011-05-30 ]
hello,i would like to draw attention of station master ambernath to see that indicator showing trains either fast or slow or there halts are not in a good shape .my suggestion dont look here and there but maintain ambernath stations indicator thankyou
Patil ganesh B.      [ 2011-05-12 ]
Pl start trains from Kurla to via Vashi,Thane ghatkopar Kurla & Kurla Ghatkopar Thane Vishi Kurla Alternately pl run
kamlesh Sachdev      [ 2011-05-02 ]
Sir Please start direct line from Shahad/Ulhasnagar to waestern line(andheri,Goregaon,Malad etsc.). ThankYou!
Raju      [ 2011-04-27 ]
Please Start train from Kalyan to Vashi
Raju      [ 2011-04-27 ]
Please Start train from Kalyan to Vashi
TUSHAR BIWALKAR      [ 2011-04-26 ]
Sunita Rajhans      [ 2011-04-26 ]
I am staying at Dombivli. Getting into the train is an acute problem for Dombivli people. Request you to please make announcement at railway stations not to block the door to enable people to get into the train. For ladies, it has become very difficult because of very limited compartment. So is the request (like railway announces that "allow people to get down first" - on that basis "Do not block at the door to enable the people to get into the train". Request you to please think of Dombivli Fast. Nowadays, only 1 train is there though some slow trains are there. Awaiting the favourable and valuable reply.
vinod      [ 2011-04-26 ]
Please run the train from kalyan to andheri. it will help 35% local passangers.
VISHAL      [ 2011-04-04 ]
pls run atleast one fast train between CST & PANVEL
GEETHA      [ 2011-03-15 ]
please run the train between KALYAN TO KARJAT.THANK YOU
T G RENJITH      [ 2011-03-10 ]
Sir, Please start local train From KURLA to PANVEL/BELAPUR and return
chinmaykarnik      [ 2011-03-01 ]
please add new and fast local train from cst to badlapur evining 21.00 after
Mitali      [ 2011-02-04 ]
Pl start trains from Ghansoli to CST via Vashi. Alternately pl run Thane to CST trains via Vashi.
CHANDRESH GORATELA      [ 2011-01-07 ]
please inform whether reserved ticket of mail/exp train is valid to complete journey through suburban? cg
Ransome      [ 2011-01-05 ]
Ladies special train the ladies compartment in normal train to be reserved for gents as the ladies special trains are empty
C NEAHTE      [ 2010-12-04 ]
plz run the train betweenKALYAN to KARJAT, KASARA
Bijoy      [ 2010-11-29 ]
1-Increase the production of ticket coupons. People stand in line for hours to reach the ticket counter for coupons to find out that coupons are out of stock. This is a persoal experience at Thane, Ghatkopar as well as Kalyan stns. 2- Train the counter staff how to communicate with the passengers. They are harsh many times. 3- Have a saperate counter for passenger who need to ka PASS for regular use. They need not stand in the long queue for hours.
prathamesh      [ 2010-10-06 ]
Reserve two coaches in the ladies special for men. Stop the old trains in WR and CR from phasing out and instead divert them on Thane-Vashi, and Thane-Panvel route, so this increases more frequency. And keep only one first class coach, half for men and half for women in the train
bindu      [ 2010-09-23 ]
there is a need for security in the ladies special trains from panvel to thane as the guys are boarding it
sunil sawant      [ 2010-09-20 ]
for the last 20 days there is no indication of the train arival and also no announcement at kharghar station.
ravikant      [ 2010-09-20 ]
plz run the train betweenvashi to dadar via kurla
Vinay Kale      [ 2010-09-18 ]
Kindly start train from kalyan to belapur, nerul & Vashi in morning hours
Vinay Kale      [ 2010-09-18 ]
Kindly start train from kalyan to belapur, nerul & Vashi in morning hours
LN SAWANT      [ 2010-08-24 ]
Please let me know is there any tarin in between Thane to Panvel?
NAGENDRA BABU      [ 2010-08-22 ]
please tell me the day and month of sriramanavami festival in the year 1988.
HARIHARAN      [ 2010-08-04 ]
Yesterday (03.08.2010) I have travelled in 6.43pm (Asangaon train boarded at Byculla) Bogie no.2220 A in new train is running without Hand hooks. Please bring it to the same to Central Railways authorities to fix hand hooks in that bogie. Passengers find very difficult to travel. Most of the new trains are plying upto Thane. Please ply more new trains in long distance like Ambernath, Karjat routes.
Amita      [ 2010-07-16 ]
Please start ladies special locals beyond kalyan ie. for kasara and karjat side also. As there is only one ladies special local which runs up to Kalyan only.
khusboo sakaria      [ 2010-07-16 ]
plz increase frequency of fasst train for shahad
R.P.Rane      [ 2010-07-14 ]
Please let me whether there is train service between Thane - Panvel from 8.00hrs. When you are going to printed timeteble book? Thanks Rane
akanksha      [ 2010-07-11 ]
there no god frequency of local trains from & to khopoli espcially in early morning.... request: to start 1 train at 4am from thane or kalyan towards karjat...
Shanti      [ 2010-07-01 ]
there is no need for ladies special train in thane to vashi all most 80% train going empty.
Atul Kachare      [ 2010-06-29 ]
Run Train from Thane to CST via Chunabhatti(Harbor)
Anand      [ 2010-06-29 ]
i want to go from Thane to dombivali on thurday I s there any advance purchase of ticket facility available can i book the ticket on wednesday
pravin shinde      [ 2010-06-19 ]
Increase trains between karjat to CST
Naresh Gore      [ 2010-06-03 ]
Train frequency in the evening is very bad from Ambernath.Short distance shuutle services i.e.between Ambernath and Kalyan/Thane should be tried.
vijay dalvi      [ 2010-05-31 ]
please send me new time table fot thane vshi (dated 28-05-2010)
atul thakkar      [ 2010-05-29 ]
increase more trains between thane - vashi in morning hours. also please look at the problem of male passengers
Rajendra Sikhwal      [ 2010-05-29 ]
Kindly start train khopoli to panvel as from panvel only 3 buses are avilable from 5 p.m. to 8 pm, thereafter their no local buses, and the S.T. controller of panvel depot are not supporting the commuter of khopoli.
shrikrishna gawde      [ 2010-05-28 ]
please increase belapur to cst mumbai local in morning time up to 11.00 hrs due to short frequency from belapur most of the peope are comming return from previous station so we cannot get seat
PRADNYA      [ 2010-05-28 ]
pl. start ladies special train from Badlapur to CST
manish      [ 2010-05-28 ]
pls.chaneg 9.40 train ladies spl thane to vashi few coach alloetd to ladies not all train b was late in his office .
Priyanka Jaiswar      [ 2010-05-21 ]
PLz. increase the frequency of trains betweeen panvel to thane & also during morning hrs. introduce ladies special fast trains.
Elina Monterio      [ 2010-05-21 ]
Request you to change the timing of Ladies Special Train to 6:30 from Dadar.
DEEPAK      [ 2010-05-21 ]
Sunil Patil      [ 2010-05-20 ]
The Indicators are not in Ambernath Station (How to find out its Fast /Slow Local). Plz do it ASAP.. all station have the indicators other than Ambernath.
jyotsna kale      [ 2010-05-14 ]
i want to book train ticket from dadar to matheran for 15.05.2010
ANJALI      [ 2010-05-12 ]
prakash shah      [ 2010-04-12 ]
pl.more train betwwn cst karjat,kasara,khapoli,panvel & vasai-panvel
Dr Gwalani T S      [ 2010-04-05 ]
Not getting time table in railway stattions. Pl let me know from where i can purchase New Time Table Suburban Railways
hardik trivedi      [ 2010-03-20 ]
a big industriel zone coming up at khopoli there should be at least one train from cstm to khopoli to reach khopoli at 8am sharp for the convinience for the public working in industries at khopoli this is very assential
S. K. Bose      [ 2010-03-18 ]
Kindly start PANVEL-KARJAT local EMU TRAIN. This will help many residence staying on the way specifically at Chikhale village. From Chikhale there is no connectivity to Panvel.
DINESH VIRKAR      [ 2010-03-14 ]
On the Diva Vasai Line There should be more Trains morning 6-8 Hrs. & Evening 5-8 Hrs. to avoid rush at Dadar.There is no train in the morning & only one train in the evening during these peak hours.
shanmugavel Muthaiah      [ 2010-02-19 ]
how do a person go by train travelling every day up and down from kalyan to panvel
P.C.GHOSH      [ 2010-01-31 ]
You have excellent time table for subarban local for both mumbaicentral,western,as well as new Mumbai. Please insist chennai to follow you on frequency, display, digital indicator etc. Thank you with kind regards
rohit deshpande      [ 2010-01-18 ]
kindly start local emu DIVA-PANVEL or THANE-PANVEL (via DIVA) LOCAL EMU TRAIN as people living on this route will get better connectivity to navi mumbai. this will lead to development of the towns coming on this route. thanks
Nilambari Deshmukh      [ 2010-01-08 ]
Request to start local fast trains from dombivili. if possible ladies special
pandurang tawate      [ 2009-12-24 ]
No. of Badlapuar Trains at least 15 Or 10 Minutes frequency Eargly Go to Action only no jokes and theortically Speak
Tushar P Kulkarni      [ 2009-12-21 ]
Please Add Westen Raiway Time Table Between Churchgate to Dahanu.
Tushar P Kulkarni      [ 2009-12-21 ]
Please Add Westen Raiway Time Table Between Churchgate to Dahanu.
Chandrashekhar Rane      [ 2009-12-21 ]
Pls do avail New Time-table of trains from Vashi-Thane ( Up & Down ) & Thane-Nerul (Up & Down)
Manish Kamat      [ 2009-12-09 ]
Kindlly please provide site names where i can do the all three locals routes tickest fare for subarban trains
azher khan      [ 2009-12-06 ]
pls start the 12car train on harbour line between cst panvel thane vashi/panvel
Amit      [ 2009-12-06 ]
Dear railway board pls arrange the panvel to thane morning 8:00 am train
Tejwani Prashant      [ 2009-12-03 ]
Great work!! It was really helpful. Keep it going.
ganpat padkil      [ 2009-11-30 ]
Sohan      [ 2009-11-26 ]
Can you add information about western railway too?
Mohd.Shafiq      [ 2009-11-26 ]
Railway Authority should maintaininthe internal cleaning and dust on Fanshould be removed.And r old fan should be changed with high speed Fans
zankhana      [ 2009-11-18 ]
Hey this is the best way to look at the train timings!! Fantastic Job!!! Thank you very much
MACCHINDRANATH NIKAM      [ 2009-11-17 ]
macchindranath nikam      [ 2009-11-17 ]
please all ambernath locals extend to badlapur.bcoz many people staying at badlapur
sudhir pawar      [ 2009-11-15 ]
thane to vashi time table views
bipin vora      [ 2009-11-11 ]
please give clear inication for 12 th coach train .also change ladies coach for 12th coach train as ladies get difficulty to join 12th coach ladies coach
bipin vora      [ 2009-11-11 ]
please increase sitting arrangement at vidyavihar station and all other station .previously there is many chair sitting which is removed for no reason
devesh      [ 2009-11-10 ]
1) Pl. add two more train from vashi to thane at 08:05, 08:10. 2) At railway platform of thane - to avoid conjuction due to crowd - Pl provide Separate diversion to FOB to manage crowd.
Nilambari Deshmukh      [ 2009-10-14 ]
request to keep one fast ladies special train from dombivli to cst
anil jadhav      [ 2009-10-09 ]
best idea for online local timetable of public service
Ravindra Sawant      [ 2009-10-08 ]
Need more indicators at Bhandup Station. Though one of the major suburban station, thereis only one indicator each on platforms No.1-4 towrds south side, making it very difficult to view from the south side.
deepak agrawal      [ 2009-10-07 ]
i wish to know train timings from vasai to diva and diva to vasai from morning to evening. please. thanks a lot
rishi      [ 2009-09-21 ]
this is fantastic idea of entering the destination and get train timings i would prefer it ver much
V.N. Soman      [ 2009-09-14 ]
I want railway time table from cst to panvel & return and nerul to Thane & return
Sanjay R Kotalgi      [ 2009-09-09 ]
Pl. increase the frequency of trains on harbour line between CST to Bandra/Andheri in the morning hours between 8.00am to 10.00am & in the evenings between 5.00pm to 9.00pm since there is a gap of nearly 15 min. between 2 trains and the crowd has increased considerably.
vasudevan nair vt      [ 2009-09-07 ]
From Dombivali, all North bound trains should be diverted to Platform No. 2,3,4 and South bound trains to platform No. 5,6 & 7 irrespective whether it is down or up local or mail/express trains so that UNNECESSARY detention at Kalyan can be avoided. Also, Platform No. 2 & 3 be extended to accomodate express/mail trains towards north side as there is sufficient space.
Asmita Patil      [ 2009-09-01 ]
Central Railways should increase the Ladies First Class Compartment. Only 14 seats is just ridiculous. Atleast it needs to be increased to twrice or thrice of the current capacity as we are paying 7 to 8 times more than the second class fare.
shailesh gosavi      [ 2009-08-29 ]
Please start on regular basis service between borivali to panvel for 365days. & start daily basis kokan route train starts from borivali station.
P Mathew      [ 2009-08-29 ]
The difficulties of people staying in Thane Vashi route to travel to CST Mumbai is too difficult. The authority should begin either some trains leaving thane and reaching CST through Vashi has to be introduced or in the alternative some train leaving Vashi/Panvel to CST be routed through Thane for the convenience of the people in the Thane/Vashi corridor. Immediate attention is sought and action taken in the next time table. Simarly some trains from Thane can be routed through vashi/wadala and Andheri.
Dilip Karve      [ 2009-08-25 ]
Can Railway provid annousment and Indicator facility at Dombivli bridge and tricke window of CST site?
Pushpa Thakkar      [ 2009-08-14 ]
i request to all dombivali local is 12 car
asmita      [ 2009-08-11 ]
add two trains from cst to badlapur between 4.30 to 5.24
asmita      [ 2009-08-11 ]
please extend the 9.28 train from badlapur upto cst
queenie dsouza      [ 2009-08-06 ]
we travel from badlapur ,we too need a ladies spl train for uswhy there are no ladies stayng in badlapur or karjat , also do not stop the train in buyculla bcoz every passanger come down to cst and the traveller who travel from cst dont get seat to seat pls look in the it we need your copertion
     [ 2009-08-06 ]
I want to know about Harbour Line timd table for CST To Panvel
sudhir athavale      [ 2009-08-06 ]
Taking in to consideration the out break of swine flueand hence forth any epidemic dieses central railway must act ,completely wash all sub burrban and through train with disfectants ,all platforms and their circulating area must be cleaned and spread gamaxeen powder ,put instructruction boards for not spitting on wall ,increase villegence ,put posters ,fotos of gods in the staicases where the possibility of spitting.clean all toiles lavatories .paticularly karjat,neral,kalyan,dombivili,thane,ghatkoper kurla,dadar,highly dense public .this very very urgent for wider public interest .only circlars will not suffice but vegillence .inspection after office hours this is sos from the citizens
Pervin Shaw, Sandoz India      [ 2009-08-04 ]
i wish to know train timings from mahim to kingcircle from 8 am to 8.30 am please. thanks a lot
PRAKASH      [ 2009-08-01 ]
I want to know about Harbour Line timd table for CST To Panvel
Eddie      [ 2009-08-01 ]
Sir, I would request you to keep a last train starting from mumbai Cst to Kalyan at 1:45 pm, so that even suburb people can work in New York shift offices in mumbai, as people after thane dont have any other means of transporation in these wee hours.
rahul desai      [ 2009-07-31 ]
Namsakar . . . plat form no.3 var yenari 8.30 fast local train he nahmech bhandup / mulund varun bharun yete . tya mule thanekarana basayala kiva ubhe rahaya dekhel zaga milat nahi. . vah 8.30 fast nantar 9.14 chi fast local aahe . . taya mule office timeing madhe cst la zanari thane fast local cha amaha kahich faydta hot nahi . . . tari aapan thana fast local cha thamba ha. . mulund / bhandup la devu naye hi venati . . mi aapla abhari aahe. . .JAI MAHARASHTRA. . .
Ashok yadav      [ 2009-07-30 ]
I wont to know about time table vikroli to masgit bandar and how many time tuch cst from vikroli ?
sandeep jadhav      [ 2009-07-29 ]
i wanted to know Klayn to mahim first class & secon class pass fair
kiran jadhav      [ 2009-07-29 ]
i want to know about diva to vasai rail time table.
aniket bhosale      [ 2009-07-25 ]
increase frequency in fast train bhandup stop bhandup are more pepole but fast train stop is very few plase increased train in bhandup stop
SATHISH RAO      [ 2009-07-16 ]
Pls start local trains in Thane-Diva-Panvel/Diva-Panvel route.... and also CST-THANE-KALYAN metro train
Unknown      [ 2009-07-13 ]
Dear Sir/Madam, The Ulhasnagar station platform No.1 is having lower platfrom, due to which many accidnets have been taken place while getting down on the Platform no.1 Luck dosent support everyone. Kindly raise the level of platform. i know its a curvature can be worked out.Life is given only once and beause of such ignorance from last many decades, many fatal cases have occured. Why to blame the fate, when this things happens because of soemones wrong decsions, Goverment properites are made for public safety and easy access. ONe life claims many others life;s dreams and shatters the whole family. Only because of ignorance of such issues many lifes has already been claimed. i had seen a lady who has lost both her legs 20 years back, she has requested multiple times to the governemnt for this issue but till now no action is taken. i know finaly its our government. Time dosent see who the person is. It can be anyone at any time Please its a humble request from a responsible citizen and also a victim of dropping on the tracks because of the space between the train level and the platform levels. Kdinly take some necessary actions at the earliest. Kidnlty save lifes Regards XYZ
Viral      [ 2009-07-06 ]
wats the fare after concession of first class pass, qaurterly ! from Dombivli to Vidyavihar !
Prutha Powale      [ 2009-07-01 ]
Sir i want to know that are dere any trains on sunday from CST to go to ROHA(dis:alibag)? If yes then please let me know. If not from CST then let me know from other stn. Thanks. Regards prutha
sheena      [ 2009-06-28 ]
Iam coming to mumbai for my interview in BARC. Could anyone plz tell me how to reach anushakti nagar from mumbai central.
krishna      [ 2009-06-25 ]
I want to know about central railway firstclass pass fare from Diva to vasai road
arti rajmane      [ 2009-06-22 ]
i want train time table from nagpur to itarasi
Ral Patankar      [ 2009-06-18 ]
I want to know firstclass monthaly pass fare from CST To Asangaon
Anil      [ 2009-06-13 ]
I want to know about central railway firstclass pass fare from kalyan to wadala
Jayesh      [ 2009-06-12 ]
I need train time table of rout vasai-panvel
queenie dsouza      [ 2009-06-04 ]
dear sir, i get in VT in evening but never et a place to sit becaue pleople come down from dadar or bycula. then we have stand till badlapur , eg. the train in wstren do not stop between 5pm to 8pm in westren . request you to pls do it in central line also
Don      [ 2009-05-29 ]
Nehamich Down dishene yenarya sarva slow local thane stnla Platform No. 3 var ghyavyat jenekarun kalwa v mumbryala utarnaryanchi gardi tyach dishela honar nahi jya dishela thane platform No. 2 aahe. vatlyas thoda vichar karun pahava. karan mulundpasun sagalech stn ekach sidela yetat dombivaliparyant, tyamule jabardast rush hote thanyala utartana v chadhatana.. thane local platform No. 2 var ghyavi.
Anil Rade      [ 2009-05-29 ]
Pls increase Dombivali to CST railway frequency.
Prasad Sohoni      [ 2009-05-21 ]
I need a all express timetable from cst to pune station( all express gone via pune)
Rajesh More      [ 2009-05-20 ]
Please provide local time table from Thane to Panvel
ravi      [ 2009-05-20 ]
i need time tabale from vasi to dewa all trins up & down
S. Vaidyanatahan      [ 2009-05-17 ]
Time table of Thane Nirul-Panvel is not available.
Praveem M Virkar      [ 2009-05-16 ]
Please start first indicators in thane to vashi line, & please decease wating time after 9.43 pm local,
sunil      [ 2009-05-15 ]
I want to reach Kalyan before 6:00 a.m. from Panvwl. Kindly advise the route and train timing
matin      [ 2009-05-13 ]
thanx for this site, kindly provide horbour & central railway time table
vishwajit      [ 2009-05-08 ]
please give me time table of thane panvel train
NILAMBARI DESHMUKH      [ 2009-05-07 ]
I request to the railways to start train from vashi to dombivali or Kalyan.
NILAMBARI DESHMUKH      [ 2009-05-07 ]
I request to the railways to start train from vashi to dombivali or Kalyan.
Rujuta      [ 2009-05-06 ]
Please provide Train Fare chart as well along withe the time table.
Hari      [ 2009-05-06 ]
Please start Local & Fast train form wadala to Kalyan & Virar
ankush bhandari      [ 2009-05-02 ]
it good to come here
Sonia      [ 2009-04-29 ]
Please add more trains from CST to ANDHERI throughout the day, the waiting time is almost 30 mins that is too long!! also in teh mornings 9 am please add more trains!!
Hiten Gandhi      [ 2009-04-28 ]
pl send to thane to vashi local train timetable
pankesh      [ 2009-04-28 ]
plz. let me know the 1st class train fare from sanpada to mumbai cst.(via kurla).
Satish Gore      [ 2009-04-20 ]
Hi , Kindly Arrange After 9:00 Pm To Fast Train From Mumbai To kalyan
EDWIN      [ 2009-04-14 ]
I need to trvel from domestic airport to Dombivili. please give me the route Can I take the train ticket by internet.
Localit      [ 2009-04-06 ]
Come up with fast train til belapur and harbour line
Subodh      [ 2009-04-04 ]
please start local from wadala to kalyan & borivali
RAMKRISHNA      [ 2009-03-30 ]
sandhya      [ 2009-03-28 ]
increase the vasai diva frequency it can save 3 hours of travelling for each person everyday, would have very good response with increasing population in vasai
Krishna Goud      [ 2009-03-24 ]
Pls change the Time of Ladies Train after 09.30 am up and 06.30pm dn,
K Sai Rajesh      [ 2009-03-23 ]
Fast locals are yet to be introduced on harbour line Mumbai CST to Vashi
Manish Kulkarni      [ 2009-03-20 ]
I need to know the domibavli - Karjat & dombivali - Kasara trains schedule.
Sarika      [ 2009-03-08 ]
Train fare should be mentioned. This will help when strenger is travelling in Mumbai, he/she will have exact idea how much has to keep ready for ticket
rukmani      [ 2009-03-05 ]
There is too much rush in the Panvel - Andheri train. Need to increase the frequency of this train during the morning and evening office hours.
Gaurav      [ 2009-02-27 ]
Hi... this is a nice initiative... You guys are doing a wonderful job.. You can also provide guests with full information of the whole day journey... Ex: From Thane to Vashi... You give info vis a vis the time slot... Rather you can also provide : the times of the trains running between these 2 stations for the whole day.. That will make a larger sense.
Dhananjai      [ 2009-02-25 ]
Do i have a train from Panvel to Thane in between 5.00 am to 5.30am
Bindu Raman      [ 2009-02-19 ]
Not understanding the logic behind thane Nerul morning Trains 9.14 and 10.14 trains starting Thane when after 5 minutes trains are already from thane-Vashi. Only Few are benefited by this trains. Time table is not of use for most of the passengers.
Aslam      [ 2009-02-16 ]
when is mumbai- shirdi line scheduled for flag.
taranath      [ 2009-02-13 ]
i stay at kalwa. i travel by 1st class BUT in the morning (8.30 am to 10.30 am) most of the 2nd class commuters (diva & mumbra) get in 1st class & they get down at thane. Requested to kindly depute a Ticket collector at Thane near 1st class so that Railway can prevent 2nd class commuters to travel in 1st class. it is very difficult to get in at Kakwa.
rajendra yadav      [ 2009-02-09 ]
I want to know if i get the local pass from Kasara to CST, can i travel in mail trains from Dadar to Kalyan.. Or what is the process if want to travel in mail trains from Dadar to Kalyan,,, Pls help..
SHYAMALKANTI MAHAPATRA      [ 2009-02-02 ]
mkocharekar      [ 2009-01-31 ]
i am staying in bhandup.i want to go to belapur bus should i go at 7am
amisha patel      [ 2009-01-30 ]
please add new local train from dadar to thane fast train between 6.23pm to 6.42 in bhandup halt bcz bhandup halt train distance 20 to 25 minutes.
Rakesh Tolani      [ 2009-01-29 ]
I got fed up of daily change in load shedding schedule in ulhasnagar, can any body upload the current load shedding schedules your help will be heatedly appreciated Cheers!
Pushpa Thakkar      [ 2009-01-27 ]
my suggestions is all Dombivali locak train are 12 coach
TEJRAO      [ 2009-01-23 ]
Iwant to know panvel nallasopara tain sheduled
Vaibhav More      [ 2009-01-23 ]
Is der ne train starting from thane to virar or borivali.
Adtiya Gaonkar      [ 2009-01-22 ]
Please think on project regarding Local train from Thane/Kayan To Borivali/Virar Via Ghatkoper-Andheri.If possible through Underground.This project will reduce 30 To 35% rush in Central as well as Western train.
dharmesh      [ 2009-01-22 ]
W.rly should utilise Dadar ,Bandra,Bhayandar & Vasai terminals more for shuttle /short distance services to increase the frequencies of services.
AZAD KUMAR      [ 2009-01-21 ]
Sanjivini      [ 2009-01-15 ]
Hi, I have been using your site ever since I have laid my eyes on it. I think it is the best site for local train information. Keep up the good work!
Bharat Bhavsar      [ 2009-01-13 ]
There should be folding arrangement for the seats in all local trains so that more & more passangers can stand safely in the train by folding seats in rush hours and station will be free for next passangers. There is always more wastage of space in rush hours because of fixed seats. On those seats, passengers (some more & more fat) from starting stations(Karjat, Khopoli, Badlapur)always sleep. I live near vithalwadi station. I work in Navi Mumbai. In the morning, I always left more & more trains between 7:10am to 7:40am because of more & more rush in the door beacuse of that I cannot reach on the office time. Please try for the best.
Ratan Singh      [ 2009-01-06 ]
USHA SUBRAMANIAN      [ 2009-01-05 ]
vinay      [ 2009-01-05 ]
N.G.SASHI      [ 2009-01-05 ]
first of all I congratulate thane station master for the step he has taken for cleaning platforms. pl.also see that proper sitting arrangements for the waiting comuters.
chandu      [ 2009-01-02 ]
best time table in central railway
Vishwanath Krishna      [ 2008-12-31 ]
Gooood Inforamtion web Sitesssss
Ravindra Sawant      [ 2008-12-29 ]
When the 5th & 6th lanes of CR between Kurla & Thane will be commenced?
Prosperinit      [ 2008-12-26 ]
there is no station for powai. Get down at Kanjur marg & take bus / rickshaw
Rohini      [ 2008-12-25 ]
on which line does bhiwandi road stn comes? how to come to dombivli from there ?
Peush      [ 2008-12-23 ]
When is Thane - Panvel line scheduled for flag off.
sunil patel      [ 2008-12-20 ]
in mumbai where can i get the trin to go to powai ?
Uday Ranade      [ 2008-12-17 ]
If I want to travel from Belapur to Thane From Vashi OR from Kurla,Pl.inform how I should take monthly pass from both side
mahesh rane      [ 2008-12-16 ]
Is there any train from CBD Belapur to kurla between 23.00 to 00.00
Vijay Mrhta      [ 2008-12-14 ]
Sir, i am looking for local trains time table of mumbai western railway and central railway where can i get it on internet kindly inform. Thanks Vijay mehta
Ravindra Sawant      [ 2008-12-12 ]
Frequency of slow local trains on main line during morining and evening peak hours between Thane and CST should increas.
sagar      [ 2008-12-10 ]
he is perfect singer
Jitendra Chandan      [ 2008-12-09 ]
Please, put time table for vasai to Panvel and Vasai to Diva / Dombivli line time table. Thanks
pradeep      [ 2008-12-08 ]
what is timetable for andheri to panvel train?
sunil      [ 2008-12-06 ]
pl add diva vasai & diva roha time table also
RAJESH BHATIA      [ 2008-12-04 ]
i m regular traveller from kingscircle to cst as from new time table morning train towards cst 9.25 i.e bandra train and then after 9.44 i.e andheri train and then 9.51 i.e andheri t/w panvel and 9.56 bandra train. sir 9.44 train always come around 9.54 or 9.59 so if someone calculate the time gap between two trains is approx more than 20 min and then after that the next train t/w panvel and then towards cst. sir i request please fill up the gap and make a sensible timetable
v k nair      [ 2008-12-04 ]
Today (Dec 4, 08) during morning hours trains coming to Mumbai from Kalyan & beyond were indefinitely delayed resulting in untold miseries to the commuters. There was NO proper announcemnets about the reason for the delay at Kalyan. Why it is so? The Railways in India is well equipped to dessiminate information to the traveling public with modern commuication systems. Why these systems are NOT put into use in such instances? Will someone explain? -V K Nair
Fla      [ 2008-12-01 ]
I am curios to know when thane - belapur train will start
shyam      [ 2008-11-28 ]
instead of running trains between CST to Andheri and Bandra, need to alter between Wadal to Andheri and Bandra. it will help out to increase in frequency of train between CST to Panvel. people will catch the train from Wadal to Andheri and Bandra. thanks.
Keyoor Oza      [ 2008-11-28 ]
There is too much rush in the Panvel - Andheri train. Need to increase the frequency of this train during the morning and evening office hours.
surendra puranik      [ 2008-11-28 ]
pl try to start 0850 thane-cst train from new platform before platform no 1.will be very useful to senior cityzons so that no need to climb up bridge.
shrenik jain      [ 2008-11-27 ]
upper koper road to virar time table required for direct train
lavina pais      [ 2008-11-25 ]
can u pl. tell me what is the train timings from Diva to Vasai and return also. All the timings
Rajesh      [ 2008-11-25 ]
Fantastic information. It would be wonderful if you could include the ticket fare table as well (both season and single ticket journey)
Babu      [ 2008-11-24 ]
More frequencies are required between Belapur and Wadala as there are lot of passengers alighting at Kurla for different directions. The frequency of the train is very bad and there is a need to increase the frequency on this densely populated route.
Parag Date      [ 2008-11-24 ]
Please start the Dombivli-CST Fast Local from Platform No.4
Sushant Chaudhary      [ 2008-11-22 ]
A really good effort for putting up various information thatis not aviable even with railway websites together. Kaap it updated. Thanks!
Bindu Raman      [ 2008-11-21 ]
As per the latest news, Thane-Panvel train service will start from 25 th or maximum by st week of Dec. initially it will be upto Nerul and 14 servies will be there. Hope & syggest, there should be trains at morning & eveing peak hours. Time table should be suitable for daily travellers from kalyan to CBD, to suit office timings.
janvi      [ 2008-11-19 ]
wont to know train for matheran from ghatkopar
Ashish Purushottam Khaitan      [ 2008-11-19 ]
hi..please let me know the monthly rail fare from THANE TO SANPADA VIA TURBHE AND THANE TO VASHI VIA KURLA of 1st class and 2nd class. THANKS IN ADVANCE.
phadke ravindra      [ 2008-11-19 ]
Is there any planing for Kalyan - Vashi or Kalyan - Panvel train? that will be more suitable for us.
monisha nagda      [ 2008-11-17 ]
Please start a special fast train from mulund or thane which reaches at abt 9.45 am at CST. As there is a lot of rush to get into trains form mulund and the 9.20am thane local is usually late. thank you
Nasir      [ 2008-11-16 ]
Please upload timetable for Panvel-Dahanu
kanchan B. Kolhe      [ 2008-11-14 ]
Yogita      [ 2008-11-13 ]
Always 1st Class Ladies is full with the ladies from 2nd class and without ticket also, from CST to down locals, from Dadar onward big task to get in 1st class 60% are local public sitted inside compartment.
psparab      [ 2008-11-11 ]
is there any train connected to thane-panvel has been starter/
Janvi      [ 2008-11-11 ]
I request u .. please introduce some new line from Thane to Churchgate.... it will be very useful for us . Thanks
sunil jasiwal      [ 2008-11-07 ]
sir when will come to kasara local train in mulund after 12 p. m. so u tell me please....
manisha gangawane      [ 2008-11-01 ]
pls increase harbour line trains c.s. t. to panvel as well as panvel to andheri, this is most required, pls do the needful,
N.G.SASHI      [ 2008-11-01 ]
Sir, Thane Train starting from platform No.1 is got deliberately delayed and we can always hear from public announce system requesting motorman to start the train in time.
ashvin      [ 2008-10-31 ]
Why indicators displaying stopage Station of trains been not displayed at overbridge and at the entrance of the station so that passenger may not confuse.Secondly indicators should be such that it can b easily visible from long distamce like which has been at Dadar in Western Railway.Station like Kalyan,advance information of next trains on respected platform should b displayed as in western suduban.It becomes very difficult to move from 1 platform to other specially for senior citizen,ladies and passengers traveling from outstation.Also inform whether ticket of mail/exp train is valid to complete journey through suburban? tx
sanjay kumar bharti      [ 2008-10-24 ]
how many train between ambernath to dadar and first start train to ambernth and last train to dadar to ambernath and
bagwe      [ 2008-10-21 ]
sngawai      [ 2008-10-20 ]
please sir why local trains not starting on DIVA- PANVEL route,this is the alternate route to reach the navi mumbaiand panvel because there is a double track as well as railway stations,kindly do better for the commutator who are daily travelling from kalyan to panvel. thanks ,sngawai,navimumbai.20.10.2008 at 11.30hrs
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2008-10-13 ]
please introduce T>C> witgh uniform in all the 1st class compartments so that no body will dare to enter without valid tickets
Ganesh N.Kamth      [ 2008-10-11 ]
Roma      [ 2008-10-11 ]
Nice Site
Prashant V Rane      [ 2008-10-09 ]
They should stop OKHA Exp @ Kopar Station so that passengers on the central line are benefited.
raj      [ 2008-10-08 ]
andheri to c.s.t. ticat Rs
N.G.SASHI      [ 2008-10-07 ]
We have complained to Thane Station Master regarding the condition of platform No.1. there are no proper sitting arrangements for waiting commuters.Fans are also switched off all the look into it and make some remedies.
Jalpa      [ 2008-10-07 ]
Please increase the trains for Belapur @ around 6 PM from Kurla. Thanks
Shailesh      [ 2008-10-04 ]
Pl. include Western Railway local information also......
Kavita Savalkar      [ 2008-09-24 ]
Plz increase the frequency for Thane to Vashi train
Suresh Kanse      [ 2008-09-23 ]
It is very good & helpful. Thank You.
dilip lamdade      [ 2008-09-20 ]
this is very very good site i am very thankful to those people who inovate this sight
Satish k Sukhramani      [ 2008-09-20 ]
Good Site Soecially in case of Train time table this site is help me travelling & saves my time thank u!!
Vinayak D. Patil      [ 2008-09-19 ]
Its really very helpfull,in a city like bomboy, where time realy counts its very useful keep it up all the best
Apoorv Sarode      [ 2008-09-19 ]
Very good site for railway timetable western and harbour timetable should also be given.Many people are going to navi mumbai towards Panvel.Trains from Kalyan or Dombivli to Panvel should be started so that many people and students can go to navi mumbai easily who are living in Kalyan and Dombivli and other stations.
nidhi      [ 2008-09-19 ]
nice site ..weldone
shrinath toraskar      [ 2008-09-16 ]
this time table is very greatful, it is always needful for all people in apli mumbai
ADKAR      [ 2008-09-11 ]
Thanks dear for such a wonderful website with lots of information regarding our city.
KIRANKUMAR      [ 2008-09-09 ]
ANKIT PATEL      [ 2008-09-02 ]
abhijeet      [ 2008-09-01 ]
jast gadya pahije karan maja yet nahi
ShravaN      [ 2008-09-01 ]
Ita very HELPFUL and UP TO DATE site for train travel. I daily check trains before going to station.. Dude.. keep it up!
Mangesh      [ 2008-08-31 ]
Good Site.. Best luck in preparing more helpful site...
annu choudhary      [ 2008-08-28 ]
It will be very help ful if ull can increase the frequency of Thane Vashi Train,as a citizen if we see todays status...there is no palace to stand in the tarin.There are ladies who fight for seats,there pepole who just dont care for otheres the just stamp each other to climb the is very7 see people hanging out of the train. Sir we can note that insted of twnty mintues the train shoul leave in ten minutes Thank you if u look into the matter as soon as possible
Anju Mahesh      [ 2008-08-26 ]
I have grievances because of Central Railway. ladies first class compartment is very small. which can accomodate only few ladies. Can the ladies first class compartment be increased atleast in peak hours.
Anita      [ 2008-08-26 ]
Very good information you have given, Thanks
Dhananjay Krishna Poojary      [ 2008-08-26 ]
Please Stop All Mail Train in Kopar Station
prady      [ 2008-08-25 ]
its nice attempt but time to maintain and update the same
Jeetu Kanaya      [ 2008-08-24 ]
Daado sutho, daado hi sutho !!! Keep it up.
VIRAJ.SAKURE      [ 2008-08-23 ]
thanks for provide timeing to use jury calculation with easy manor
Vikram      [ 2008-08-23 ]
Very Good !!!
Apoorv Sarode      [ 2008-08-21 ]
Please provide the timetable of harbour as well as the western railway.
Atul      [ 2008-08-19 ]
sandeep babar      [ 2008-08-19 ]
this timetable is very good
Mamta      [ 2008-08-19 ]
This is a really good & helpful site. "Jam suthi site aahe."
yuganand shetty      [ 2008-08-18 ]
Its really very helpfull,in a city like bomboy, where time realy counts its very useful keep it up all the best
guru      [ 2008-08-17 ]
we need more train on vashi - thane track. because after 8 pm we have to wait f0r half an hour
Sagar Sant      [ 2008-08-14 ]
I really very thankful to those people who created this timetabel.
Kaveeta      [ 2008-08-13 ]
its really nice site
Pranay Luthia      [ 2008-08-11 ]
Very Fine time table, keep it up for good service & handy information.
Samir      [ 2008-08-06 ]
hats Off to your data management.. Good work.
Kishor Gaikwad      [ 2008-08-05 ]
Excellent Work.. Very nicely designed and developed site
Bijay      [ 2008-08-01 ]
why dont you put western railway timetable also
sharmishtha      [ 2008-08-01 ]
Nice site very helpful.
Sunita Patil      [ 2008-07-30 ]
Dear Sir, I live in Palghar and I work in Vikhroli (Station where slow trains halt). I reach at Dadar station at 9 am and there is Kalyan slow train at 8.55 am and then at 8. 58 Ghatkopar slow train is there and at 9. 04 am Kurla slow train is there and at 9. 08 am Thane slow train is there. Now the problem is 8. 58 am Ghatkopar train return from Ghatkopar for CST at 9. 22 am and it halts on platform No. 1 and it leaves the platform after 9. 19 am train leaves from Ghatkopar for CST and if this trains late then this train (which leaves from Ghatkopar at 9. 22 am) gets delayed. And only after this train (which leaves from Ghatkopar at 9. 22 am from platform No. 1) Thane train will arrive at platform No. 1 whose timing at Ghatkopar is 9. 26 am but it always reach at Ghatkopar after 9. 30 am. Now the problem is Kalyan slow train which is at Dadar at 8. 55 am reaches at Ghatkopar station at 9. 12 am and after that upto 9. 30 am there is no slow train to go ahead of Ghatkopar. There are fast train from Dadar for Ambarnath at 9. 03 am and for Thane at 9. 07 am but both these train do not halt at Vikhroli. So because of all this problem we reach at Vikhroli station after 9. 35 am only and never before that. There are many passengers who suffer this problem regularly. So we Please request you to please give the halt to these fast trains at Vikhroli so we can reach the office before 9. 30am. And which will solve our problem Thanking you and regards Sunita
HASAN A. MAPARI      [ 2008-07-29 ]
since railways under ministry of shri. lalu prasad yadav, mumbail local services are in time & day by day services are improving, Thanx to shri laluji & team.
H.S.Joshi      [ 2008-07-29 ]
This is verry nice & helpfull information. Thank you all . Keep it up, Best of Luck
John      [ 2008-07-26 ]
Great , Exellent plz increase the trains for thane vashi
sarita      [ 2008-07-25 ]
pls. increase the train on harbour line in the morning & evening
Jitendra      [ 2008-07-25 ]
This is nice to have local timetable online, It helps too much whenever needs. Thanks to all team.
Vinayak Ghag      [ 2008-07-25 ]
Plzzz send Dombivli to Kharghar all first class and second class Ticket Rates
Mamta Anchan      [ 2008-07-23 ]
Good Informative Website. Please keep on updating it regulary.
Vijay      [ 2008-07-23 ]
Excellent and Valuable site, Thanks a lot.
Robin Sinha      [ 2008-07-23 ]
I am traveling in train for the last three months Seawoods to Sanpada, and some times to Wadala. There is too heavy rush from Panvel up to Kurla. Therefore, if in between Panvel to CST (10 to 15 min gaps) separate train for Panvel to Kurla is introduced than it will be real relif to many passangers. Regards
shivaji Harer      [ 2008-07-23 ]
Plz, increase the no of train on CST-Dombivali routh
ABC      [ 2008-07-23 ]
kalyan(w) ticket counter is mess. please do keep seprate counter for ticket and extension ticket.
Thomas      [ 2008-07-23 ]
Its really helpful site... thanks
tarun .kewalya      [ 2008-07-22 ]
pls increase the trian for ulhasnagar at peak houre
Ronak      [ 2008-07-22 ]
please arrange for some more fast trains from dadar in the time period 8.45pm to 9.15 pm bcoz life becomes hell while catching fast trains from dadar n that too karjat and kasara plz arrange it
Kunal MAyekar      [ 2008-07-22 ]
Excellent Work.. Very nicely designed and developed site
vinayak Patil      [ 2008-07-21 ]
Plz, increase the no of train on CST-BADLAPUR routh
vikas      [ 2008-07-19 ]
Excellent website Thanks a lot :)
kalpesh shirodkar      [ 2008-07-19 ]
please upload harbour railway time table
sandesh bellare      [ 2008-07-18 ]
very good effort...highly appreciated
Kadam      [ 2008-07-18 ]
We are still not getting the new Time Table. Whenever we go to the railway station stalls twice a day, in the morning they tell us that TimeTables will come in the evening and in the evening they say that they are over. So instead of supplying less number of TimeTables every day, please supply more and more TimeTables.
prasad joshi      [ 2008-07-17 ]
please increase the frequency of dombivli local& thane vashi trains
shashank      [ 2008-07-17 ]
Please add more train between 9 am to 10 am from vashi to kurla. i think any senior of railway should visit a local of 9:12 from vashi to CST
VINAY      [ 2008-07-17 ]
vinod j.jacob      [ 2008-07-17 ]
local trian time table is very helpful to me i watch time table daily on this site it is really very nice and good
Pravin Gaikwad      [ 2008-07-16 ]
Thanks to you !! This is realy a usefull site
Rohit      [ 2008-07-15 ]
Hey Guys it a very good website that help a common man every sense.good job.
Sudhakar      [ 2008-07-14 ]
CR should introduce FAST trains from Dombivali or at least another four fast trains increase form Kalyan between 8.30 to 9.30 am. 2 to 3 Slow trains must be started from Kalwa at same time, because lotz of people board train from that Place.
ANANTHAKRISHNAN      [ 2008-07-14 ]
Please introduce shuttle service between Panvel and Kurla especially during peak hours. It is very difficult to board the train at Chembur.
francis      [ 2008-07-14 ]
pls increas the badlapur local . pls keep thetrain on time
iram      [ 2008-07-14 ]
Please increased short dstance train from Dadat & kurla to thane kurla to Mumbra. Thanks
Jitendra      [ 2008-07-12 ]
Please, increase the frequency of Ambernath trains
leeladhar      [ 2008-07-11 ]
increase trains for harbour line
sucheta rao      [ 2008-07-11 ]
please increase the frequency of trains from panvel to andheri every 1 hour as that will benifit most of the commuters residing in harbour line.Also if u could extend the line till borivili it would be more convinient for all of us.i would appreciate if u could impliment this at the earliest
poonam      [ 2008-07-11 ]
thanks alot 4 the info....
Akash      [ 2008-07-11 ]
Can Anybody upload western railway timetable too.
Rashmi      [ 2008-07-09 ]
A very good job done....
VIJAYAN NAIR      [ 2008-07-09 ]
Dilip      [ 2008-07-09 ]
Please get the latest updates of the timetable which is been affected from 1 july 2008 from Andheri to Vashi and Vashi to Andheri
N.G.SASHI      [ 2008-07-09 ]
Please start 7.26 morning Thane train which now bring from kalwa car shed instead of Thane sliding we thane people cannot board the train because it is fully occupied from kalwa.
nikhil      [ 2008-07-09 ]
Rajan P S      [ 2008-07-08 ]
Why the timing of 5:35PM train from Belapur changed? It was very useful for passengers travelling to thane & beyond since it connects train 5:53PM train from Sanpada. Most of offices closes at 5:30PM and so this timing was very useful. So please consider to restore this timing.
shrikrishna      [ 2008-07-06 ]
What is the shortest route for travel from parle to Titwala
Chander      [ 2008-07-05 ]
New Time Table has been made effective from 1 July 08 on the Harbour Line. Can somebody share the new time table please...Regards
manisha      [ 2008-07-04 ]
Please change the timing of morning 5.29 at badlapur cst local to its earlier time i.e. 5.38 at badlapur. It is very inconvinient to us.
vijaya      [ 2008-07-04 ]
Please tell me if the train timings are changed from July 1, 2008? If yes, what is the new time of Thane - Vashi
Santosh Band      [ 2008-07-03 ]
Thane - Belapur Train should start as soon as possible.
shabu      [ 2008-07-03 ]
railway can start Thane to panvel service by as follows Like regular service let train go to vashi on Platform No-2 and from there let it go tp panvel, it is a possible way . so Please Railway authorites take immediate action . Because it will take time to complete thane to nerul at first stage.
brijesh      [ 2008-07-03 ]
please get the latest updates of the timetable which is been affected from 1 july 2008 .
Nasim Khan      [ 2008-07-03 ]
Should have trains starting from Kurla to Kalyan - Ambernath Titwala. As it is very difficult to get into a train at Kurla in the evening. Pls Help
tom      [ 2008-07-03 ]
hello friends i just want to know the monthly fare for thane to bhandup pls revert as soon as possible... awaiting for the reply...............
jayant      [ 2008-07-03 ]
please let me know the new timings of thane vashi trains from 01-07-2008 between 9,30 am to 2.30 pm
ANIL POYAREKAR      [ 2008-07-03 ]
please let me know the latest time table of Cetrak/Western local trains effective from 01/07/2008.
MIlind Khopkar      [ 2008-07-02 ]
Plz update new timetable for thane-vashi railway efecive from 1st july 2008 asap.
swati      [ 2008-07-01 ]
please display new railway time table (from july 2008)for harbour line. i heard 10 more trains r included on this route.
vasant      [ 2008-07-01 ]
pl introduce Harbor line time table also. very good site.
Anand Motwani      [ 2008-07-01 ]
Kindly Upload the Effective Time-Table of Thane-Vashi Track and Central Railway Track with effect from 01.07.2008
Ashok Mahajan      [ 2008-06-30 ]
There should be train on 07.00, 3.00 from Vashi and 14.20 from Thane. Also Thane to Panvel service should start immidiately.
Shradha      [ 2008-06-30 ]
Please tell me if the train timings are changed from July 1, 2008? If yes, what is the new time of Karjat local at 07:36 at Kalyan?
Atif Rumani      [ 2008-06-30 ]
Plz post new timetable for thane-vashi railway efecive from 1st july 2008 as soon as possible.
BAHAR      [ 2008-06-30 ]
I am daily traveller from parel to airoli via thane i want to suggest that there should train from vashi to thane around 13.15 and from thane to vashi 13.45 thanks
Meena N.Shahaney      [ 2008-06-30 ]
Plz cancell all the csr-vashi trains and make that cst-vashi upto cst-panvel as day by day frequency of people residing upto panvel in increasing rapidly.
manish      [ 2008-06-30 ]
There is only 3 fast train for ambernath between 8:15 to 11:00.
Ashu      [ 2008-06-30 ]
kindly post the new timetable for central railway local trains efecive from 1st july 2008 as soon as possible.
pournima      [ 2008-06-28 ]
there is no fast train at kalyan from 6:45 am to 7:14 so plz arrange the train
mahendra      [ 2008-06-28 ]
Please update u r timetable from 1st july 08 as early as possible so i have seen it early.
shrikrishna digambar mahajan      [ 2008-06-27 ]
Avinash Ghawali      [ 2008-06-27 ]
Thanks for the Timetable for the Railway. Please make the same time table for the WESTERN RAILWAY local Train as well as for all Long Journey Train or Express Train.
Jayant      [ 2008-06-26 ]
Its good to see that there are internet services which tells the Mumbai Local time table. Keep the good work.
Raghunath More      [ 2008-06-26 ]
more train between 23.00pm to 24.00pm for ambernath instead of two trains.
Maheswar Misra      [ 2008-06-23 ]
Please increase the frequency of the local trains in Horbor line. There should be more locals between Kurla & Panvel, because it is more crowded at kurla station to catch a train and alight from the train, Plz do the needful. I hope it should be done.
avadhut      [ 2008-06-22 ]
This is the best website for local timetables I have ever seen...!!! Keep it updated. Thanks.
Valentina      [ 2008-06-20 ]
Kindly increase the train frequancy of Thane Vashi because there is 20 minutes distance in train timimgs
Meenakshi S Desai      [ 2008-06-19 ]
Please introduce fast trains from Dombivili to CST and back during peak hours Morning peak hours - 8.00 am to 10.00 am Evening peak hours - 6 to 7.30 pm
Mahendra Gangan      [ 2008-06-18 ]
Between 6.06 pm to 6.20 pm no fast train after thane,so please arrange.
Subhash Patil      [ 2008-06-18 ]
just cool good information good indeed
satish      [ 2008-06-18 ]
pl let me know local train time table between andheri and belapur only.
D.M.marathe      [ 2008-06-15 ]
what about western railway timetable?can you give website/
rasika      [ 2008-06-14 ]
plz update new timetable for andheri to panvel and panvel to andheri
Mayur Patil      [ 2008-06-14 ]
This is a best time table for central Railway
P.V.Dhananjay      [ 2008-06-13 ]
useful.keep about western rly locals time table ?
sarik khan      [ 2008-06-12 ]
Please Increase Fast Local In Night Duration Between 23.18 - 24.00,,,, thanxxxxx
Prasad      [ 2008-06-11 ]
Thank u so much for this useful information . Can u provide the western railway time tabel , pls inform me.
GAVIN MATHOS      [ 2008-06-10 ]
Ashish      [ 2008-06-09 ]
any update in time from july 2008 ?
Mahesh      [ 2008-06-07 ]
Good website.
lulu      [ 2008-06-07 ]
when does the 2008 timetable come into effect?
Mak      [ 2008-06-07 ]
Please let us know whether western railway local train time table is availble on net.
Satish Bhagwat      [ 2008-06-04 ]
Please incris. frequency of panvel to cst train
Ruchi      [ 2008-06-04 ]
please increase no. of first class compartments for ladies.
Ashwini      [ 2008-06-02 ]
what is the monthly train fare from Thane to Dombivli in Second Class & in First Class
Ashwini      [ 2008-06-02 ]
Please Increase No. Of Frequencies for train to Ambernath
Ashwini      [ 2008-06-02 ]
There is not any single slow train to ambernath After 6.00 p.m. upto 8.30 pm.I am going To kalwa station and i return at 6.15 pm, so everyday i have to catch ambernath fast train from dombivli or kalyan.
jenny      [ 2008-05-31 ]
what is the monthly train fare from virar to vasai
v p desai      [ 2008-05-28 ]
in pick time churchgate to andheri in evening & andheri to churchgate fast train needed. all the mail train should be stop at andheri stn.
N.Ramesh      [ 2008-05-27 ]
In the harbour line in CBD Belapur in the morning between 8 and 9.15 there is one train every 20 minutes only. This is causing innumerable hardship to the commuters who are office going middle class. The frequency needs to be increased during this time. Could u please take it up with the railway authorities please. Thanks and regards
mitesh gala      [ 2008-05-25 ]
i wanna know wat time is d andheri locals departing from panvel in d evening reach govandi station?
masooma      [ 2008-05-25 ]
Thanks so much for the information. I have used it for making trips to Ulhasnagar and Badlapur and it has saved me so much waiting time at stations. Keep up the good work!
Sanjiv      [ 2008-05-24 ]
Plz provide the info. for Harbour line also
shrenik      [ 2008-05-23 ]
is this for Central Railway? From where can i get same for Western Railway
SATISH GORE      [ 2008-05-22 ]
Sanjay Pashte      [ 2008-05-22 ]
Now A Days C Rly Have Started Ticket Booking On Comp But Its So Slow Try2Make It Fst
Rajesh      [ 2008-05-21 ]
Which local should i catch from mumbai CST to reach exactly at LTT? Thanks
atul jain      [ 2008-05-20 ]
Thanks for information. Very useful to users. please provide the harbor amd western railway info thanks
RAjiv      [ 2008-05-19 ]
Can u also plz upload details of western line too??? Thnx, Regards.
Sandeep Mutha      [ 2008-05-19 ]
Was very good and informative
bharat      [ 2008-05-19 ]
please increase the local so that people feel much secured while waiting on plateform
rashmi      [ 2008-05-14 ]
please let me known about first class fare from sanpada to cst & churchgate
nisha      [ 2008-05-13 ]
i am very impressed on quick details i found on local trains on juct a click away-good word!!!!!!!
haroon kazi      [ 2008-05-13 ]
The train timetable u have put is very good. Can u add one more thing to your site Just add a new feature if one needs to know what is the fare from one station to another station or monthly pass fare from one station to another station or central + western railway route fare or central + harbour fare between certain stations. Exhample: Between Dombivli and Belapur via thane and kurla what will be the first class fare ? etc. Thanks
UDAY      [ 2008-05-12 ]
Pushkar      [ 2008-05-11 ]
Excellent site.... Loads of Information available.... Keep up the good work.. :)
Sagar Bijwe      [ 2008-05-09 ]
This is really a very good website so that any unknown person who dont know any thing , can get details of each small thing in a second so it helps a lot thanks.
sagar      [ 2008-05-08 ]
this was one useful website to find the local railwat timetable....good work
Ashok      [ 2008-05-08 ]
Very useful site... works on my mbile too... however some more wap optimization would be good.
Deepak Vedpathak      [ 2008-05-07 ]
Can this site help me to know how can i travel from thane to roha by local train .
Laveena Ajwani      [ 2008-05-06 ]
Wish you good luck sindhunagar. Please update Mumbai CST via western line time table also in the Railway time table menu. Hope the same will be done at the earliest.
apoorv sarode      [ 2008-05-01 ]
This site contains a vast information about railway trains. Its fantastic.
darshan patil.      [ 2008-04-29 ]
we need more & more kasara locals
Manoj      [ 2008-04-25 ]
We need Harbour line details in the site.
Sunita      [ 2008-04-23 ]
Truly an informative site. Hats off to Sindunagar team for consolidating such vast information.
s.arunkumar      [ 2008-04-23 ]
this page is very useful to me. thanks
RAJESH      [ 2008-04-22 ]
we need western local train time table updated with every year...
Abhay Joshi      [ 2008-04-22 ]
local timetable page is excellant. But couldnot found link directly from home page of oyur site. Found through google. Please try to modify.
meenakshi      [ 2008-04-22 ]
Alongwith timetable also mention fares, One of the best useful sites
Rajnish Joshi      [ 2008-04-22 ]
Very nice detail about our life line. always update it if any change occur
rishi      [ 2008-04-20 ]
This is an amazing bit of info. Please keep it up. Could you make the search periods more flexible so that even the whole day can be searched and printed for reference. Also if a option to search for only fast, only slow, or all trains is given that will be great.
D.M. Joshi      [ 2008-04-19 ]
Very Good Site.
Jagrut      [ 2008-04-18 ]
can have a time table / schedule of newly started Pune - Nasik - Pune passanger train
Xavier      [ 2008-04-16 ]
One of the Best & Useful sites. Please forward this link to your friends.
Kang      [ 2008-04-16 ]
Fantastic work done is made available on your site. Simply fantastic.
Atul      [ 2008-04-16 ]
Very good information. in the simplest way and easy to access
SHEKHAR CHANDAN      [ 2008-04-16 ]
nice time table, very usefull.thanks .
Ankur      [ 2008-04-16 ]
Useful site. Specially, the Suburban railway timings page.
K K Nair      [ 2008-04-15 ]
It was noticed that indicators at Nahur station indicate any train timings in most of the days and it seems nobody bothered to make it functional
Amit      [ 2008-04-12 ]
Very very helpful. Great job. Keep it up.
Shivkumar Samant      [ 2008-04-11 ]
A very good information resource on the web! You deserve a "Padmashree"!
sabne      [ 2008-04-10 ]
Vary good, I use this site vary regularly.
Amit      [ 2008-04-09 ]
I appreciate ur continuous efforts.. I use it from my mobile. Request u to kindly reduce data size of page for faster download.
PARESHm      [ 2008-04-08 ]
Very helpful in tracking the train timing.
Trupti M      [ 2008-04-05 ]
More no. of trains should be made availabel in peak hours i.e. 8.00am to 9.30 am on Thane - Vashi route. (especaillay at 8.50 am or 9.10 am )
mohan hemnani      [ 2008-04-04 ]
very helpful,good luck,keep up the good work
sam      [ 2008-04-02 ]
Many thanks. Really very helpful. Appreciate your efforts. Wish u luck!
FRANCIS      [ 2008-03-31 ]
1) the indicator on the badlapur foot over bridge is not working .2) between 5pm to 530pm there not fast to balapur 3) Computerised Ticket system should be started on all ticket counters at balapur Station (for monthly or quarterly passes also). Please do the needful.
SHARAD      [ 2008-03-29 ]
very good
shalaka pawar      [ 2008-03-29 ]
I would like to bring to your notice that - (1) Coupon punching machines, which are fixed (around one month ago) at Kanjurmarg (East) are out-of-service. (2) There is need of one more indicator on platform 1 and 2 at Kanjurmarg station (towards CST side). (3) Computerised Ticket system should be started on all ticket counters at Kanjurmarg Station (for monthly or quarterly passes also). Please do the needful.
satish      [ 2008-03-26 ]
pl.give W/R time table
Jitendra      [ 2008-03-24 ]
Hi, kindly let me know when vasai to panvel train is going to start and what is its time table
Shrinivas Deshkar      [ 2008-03-24 ]
We are looking for increase in number of fast locals starting from Thane station in the morning hours
umesh kanitkar      [ 2008-03-24 ]
excellent site. pl. keep up the good work you guys are already doing.
Sandeep      [ 2008-03-19 ]
When does Thane Panvel Services expected to start ??
Saurav Maria      [ 2008-03-19 ]
Excellent work. Very convenient to find out the required train at a click. Good Work Keep It up
Bhavesh Dedhia      [ 2008-03-17 ]
We are looking for train from mumbai-cst to bhiwandi station on regular basis, pls coment
Upendra Sontakke      [ 2008-03-17 ]
Very good site I was looking for such site to ge quick information on railways... If a kalyan to CST fast train starts between morning hours 7.30-8.00 would be great..cheers mumbai
phadke      [ 2008-03-15 ]
when from kalyan to vashi direct train is starting?
Amit Singh      [ 2008-03-14 ]
Please decrease some train of Thane to Mumbai Near about 2-5 train & Increase these train Dombivali to Mumbai or Kalyan to Mumbai.
Anil G.Salgaonkar      [ 2008-03-12 ]
Karjat to Kalyan 30/30 minute train will be start please
Monica      [ 2008-03-12 ]
Excellant site ... keep it up
amol joshi      [ 2008-03-12 ]
plesae increased fast train in bhandup stop halted morning 9:59 After not stop fast train in bhandup stop you can increaed train in having indicator in upper side bhandup westcrowed is more not suffient to stop train increaed fast train stop.
FRANCIS DSOUZA      [ 2008-03-12 ]
there are no trains fast trains from krajat or badlapur betwen 06.30 & 06.45 bcouz
pradeep      [ 2008-03-09 ]
site is exellant & useful. i want panvel to kurla evry station tine table
Chaitanya      [ 2008-03-07 ]
Hi Buddy ! Site is informative..... But U missed up Western railway track.... It would be gr8 if U can add it too.... Actually i was on hunt for Western Railways Train Schedules.... Thanks
Abhijit Nerurkar      [ 2008-03-07 ]
Excellent Site.....Really helpful for the people like me who travels to central Mumbai once in a week....
sandeep jadhav      [ 2008-03-05 ]
Nahur station ke upar indicater nahi hai & station ke upar chat nahi hai please impliment as soon as possible
ketan talreja      [ 2008-03-04 ]
vey inforrmative,useful site.thanks.
RUPALI      [ 2008-03-03 ]
please Bhandup station not having indicator in ticket counter & upper side in berge. & Bhandup stop fast train is very few please add news local in hold Bhandup incresaed fast local stop at list as same in mulund stoping train hold bhandup.
mahesh      [ 2008-03-03 ]
Great site accessed it via blackberry cheers
GURMANPREET SINGH      [ 2008-02-29 ]
there should be an increase in the frequency of the trains running between PANVEL and ANDHERI
anon      [ 2008-02-28 ]
diva vasai time table???
PRASHANT SAWANT      [ 2008-02-28 ]
yorgi      [ 2008-02-28 ]
can u update this accordin to new time table(15 feb 2008). plsssss.
Twinkle      [ 2008-02-27 ]
Wonderful work done!
firdosh      [ 2008-02-27 ]
do any of the railway official who makes timetable travel beyond thana after 8pm i would tell the schedule of train beyond kalyan towards karjat between 8pm and 9pm only 3 trains go beyond thana 2 badlapur and 1 amb their is jampacke trains n to get in from thana becomes impossible as in between 5 trains to thana goes to yard cant it be possible that one or 2 train can be extended to kalyan or atleast to dombivli so that people living beyound that mainly of kalwa and mumbra can go in and other local beyond kal can be bit empty
firdosh      [ 2008-02-27 ]
i have a small suggestion please make all trains to ambarnath, badlapur, karjat and khapoli, kasara, 12 cooch but unfortunately the people manning who might be travelling by their own car doent seems to understand the problem as max trains on this route r of 9 racks which is very crowded pl do the need ful
firdosh      [ 2008-02-27 ]
sir, the speed of the trains need to improve spl the night slow local which runs very slow.. and the trains bound to amb and badlapur which are slow gets late at kalyan due to mail trains exist normally trains halt for 2 min but after 9 pm any slow trains halt at kalyan for not less then 20 min
firdosh      [ 2008-02-27 ]
sir, why not the frequency of the route Diva Vasai increase since many yrs their are only 2 trips one in the early morning and then in the evening with the racks remains ideal for the entire day.
firdosh      [ 2008-02-27 ]
Lallu ji had done very good job in last years in taking the loss making railways in profit by his innovative ideas but the main profit is being from mumbai locals and sorry to say he has not given much to the mumbai people their are few mail trains but what about the locals which are very less and crowded so i would suggest to lallu ji to make all the local train 12 cooch so that some ruse reduces and they can introduce 15 cooch trains on specific route such as ambarnath with the halts at Bycalla, dadar, kurla, thana, dom Kal as all this station are equip to take 15 couch train
firdosh      [ 2008-02-27 ]
i stay in ambarnath and my return time from office is beyond 9 pm. in this time many mails and express trains commute so the slow locals beyond kal is given less preference as they are halted for atleast 20 min at kal it is so as the slow trains comes on platform no 2 where as if it has to go 2 amb side it has to cross at least 10 tracks so y not bring those train on platform no 6 or 7 where in no question of crossing and no halting as now titwala local goes from platform no 1 at night it is very comfortable i hope some body would solve this problem which v r facing since many years
VIJAY KOLI      [ 2008-02-23 ]
Sandesh khot      [ 2008-02-22 ]
It is very useful site for knowing train time in each station, but it is very effective if there is western time table in same fashion. do the needful if possible.
sushil      [ 2008-02-22 ]
Very user friendly good site ..
Yuvesh Naik      [ 2008-02-22 ]
I would like to thanks you for creating such an informative website also I would like request you to start the same service for the Western railway this will be a of great help to the WR commuters
Gangadhar      [ 2008-02-21 ]
This site is good . This has been designed to make the job easier.
Suhas      [ 2008-02-21 ]
This is really a very superb site designed by you. Do you also have similar for Harbour & Western route? If yes please let me know. Regards, Suhas.
Amit Pednekar      [ 2008-02-20 ]
Hi ! This site is very good , but i think it can be made better by adding WR timings too. This will probably attract more visitors. Thanks !
Premal Sheth      [ 2008-02-20 ]
This is a good site in which i can see all the routes of local train and timing also.
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2008-02-18 ]
why cant you convert 9.13 a.m. vashi local fully general conmpartment instead of first 3 ladies compartment which causes lot of inconvenience to male commuters since it becomes very suffocative during morning rush hours
Parag Tambe      [ 2008-02-18 ]
Thanks mate !!! I have used this site more often than actual railway time table. Please if possible also add the Harbour n the Western Railways too...
arjun narahari      [ 2008-02-17 ]
i dont think ,but it should be done more fast trains should be stopped at bhandup station like kalyan and thane but not all kalyan and thane stops at bhandup station and also the asias 2nd largest mall is going to come in bhandup so i request to look in this matter i hope that u will consider my plea thanking you please reply
pravin k.N.      [ 2008-02-17 ]
plz increase fast locals in niht duration splecially after 23.00Hrs.for more people can take advantge of that.
Balachandran      [ 2008-02-15 ]
Please introduce few semifast trains from Dombivli in the morning peak hours and the Dadar Local extent to CST as semifast.
Siddharth Naik      [ 2008-02-14 ]
man this is best thing you could have done. I keep loosing the time tables i needed some thing of this sort to plan when to leave from office...... great job :)
PANKAJ      [ 2008-02-14 ]
I am thankful to the site team.and i am requesting to Mr.lallu prasad yadav to put one computer in Enquiry counter for helping this site
GAURAV LOKE      [ 2008-02-13 ]
I think , We should have same indicators as western ralway have, because its shows exactly how much time is Left for trains arrival. CR should introduce FAST trains from Dombivali . slow trains must be started from Kalwa , because lotz of ppl board train from that place . BAKI ... TRAIN apni JAAN ...
Romonov      [ 2008-02-11 ]
please man please stop spitting in trains, please start using cellphone on low volume please make a sense that when u board the train get on left side left the ppl get out of train from right side of the door... be on the left side to get in ... it makes sense rather than all pushing in and out...
Rajesh Bhosale      [ 2008-02-10 ]
nice and very informative site.Kalyan is very important junction station then also few trains like deccan, Pragati is not halting here. we need to do something in this regards.
NEHA      [ 2008-02-09 ]
from dombivli all trains are slow and in central railway dombivli is crowdest station. so please introduce new services from dombivli fast/semi fast trains at pickup hrs. thanks
Irshad      [ 2008-02-07 ]
I am thankful to the site team for their effort. The website is very helpful, especially for first time commuter.
J V Mohan      [ 2008-02-06 ]
very good infomative site about mumbai local trains. I very much delighted and appreciate the efforts of the site team... keep it up
Mangesh      [ 2008-01-30 ]
Good Site... very much helpful.. for me.. i appreciate for the efforts taken by the team for developing this site.. hats off to u man..
Ronak      [ 2008-01-30 ]
ghatkopar is the most important and crowdest station in mumbai suburbs. but still many of the fast trains are not halting at ghat n instead stopping at some less imp sts as bhandup n vikroli. This creates a lot of chaos at the station for the next train in peak hrs. So pls make suggestions to the CR. your help will be highly regarded.
Santosh S.      [ 2008-01-28 ]
Good Work But, also kindly provide timings of trains start from Vashi Belapur & panvel to C.S.T.
Akshay mhatre      [ 2008-01-28 ]
hi, This is really a good service.However I was just thinking if v can have a option to retrieve the complete tme table of the specific route. Thank you Regards Akshay Mhatre
SONESH M.SHAH      [ 2008-01-28 ]
Pandit      [ 2008-01-27 ]
What is Timing of morning 1st train to panvelf rom Chembur I need to catch train for panvel between 5.00 am to 5.30 am. from Chembur. Can i get time table.
Ramchandani S C      [ 2008-01-27 ]
I am delighted to see site which is useful and still needs some more information. Ramchandani S C
Kadam      [ 2008-01-26 ]
Recently, Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (Smart Card Machines) are introduced. But new system does not always mean that it will not have problems. Even these Smart Card Machines have problems. Some machines show "PAPER LOW". Some machines do not respond on pressing our fingers on the screen. So please maintain these machines, as they really save our time.
Shanu      [ 2008-01-25 ]
Ur good work with the intention to help commuters is commendable. Keep up your good work and continue to update and enhance the portal. Regards
rukmini jammi      [ 2008-01-25 ]
From Seawoods station, there is almost 20 mts gap between 8.45 to 9.07 in the morning during the peak hours which causes heavy rush. Attleast introduce more trains between panvel-kurla/wadala which will absorb lot of load who get down at chembur & kurla. Also ladies first class compartment is so small that it can not take the ever increasing load of traffic especially from Panvel / Nerul. Please do rectify the situation, people reach offices late in a dazed condition everyday.
Shweta S      [ 2008-01-23 ]
Please introduce more trains between Thane and Vashi in the office hours as the difference of time between 2 trains is almost 30mins. And the Trains leave on time...many times i miss those trains for minute difference and then I have to wait for 30 mins
Brenda      [ 2008-01-23 ]
I want to travel from Bandra to Govandi by the harbor line without changing trains to reach college at 8.45 a.m. Please let me know suitable timing and from where do i catch the train Thank you
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2008-01-22 ]
please introduce yearly 1st class pass in CRly and WRly so that commuters can save time and money.
Ritu Surjani      [ 2008-01-21 ]
Dear CR, U published a news that new trains r the replacement of old train but let we ask u one thing that CR passangers are theif or what??? y each and every facility is give to only and only Western railway once u try to take the train from thane or mulund or any between stn u will know at that time. CR passangers are facing very big problem which is caused by ur staff like u run 9 car trains for long distance. there is no facility of TC in the train spl in 1st class ladies compartment. so that beggers use rubbish words when they board in the train spl at kalyan stn. we ladies try to tell them but they always abuse us . I think CR try to Completet their target only at the time on March and rest of the year we search them. If someone read this mail please do something as we ladies face many problem and CR is doing nothing for us. One more thing please try to change time of Kalyan 8:41 AM as this train always come at kalyan stn. after ambernath and leave before. so that daily Ambernath train is runing late atleast 10 to 15 Min. which is loss for each and every passanger. Hope 4 best result from CR. ALL Ladies of 1st & 2nd Class Compartment of the train 8:30Am From Ambernath.
jaya      [ 2008-01-16 ]
Kindly use colours for local trains that will make them look bright , clean , smart and worth sitting,
Ritu Surjani      [ 2008-01-10 ]
we are travelling from Ambernath to mumbai cst. In 8:30 train we have problem of late reaching to CST. When train start from Ambernath by Sharp 8:30 Am and as per time table reaching time is 9: 50 but this train is always stuck at kalyan for one of kalyan train and it reaches dadar by 9:50 so how it will reach by 9: 50 to CST. please do something as we are facing very much big problem it this matter. secondly, our 1st class ladies compartment is very little as compare to gents and it is problemetic for ladies in peak time. CR charging 8 times more fare from 2nd class but as compare to 2nd class the travelling of 1st class passanger is 3rd class. lastly, please provide TC in peak time in train specially in the evening time from Mumbai CST to Ambernath as there are many 2nd class passanger in 1st class. Hope u CR will look in to the matter as we ladies are facing big problem. Regards, Neha, Devyani, Nisha , Smita, Mini, Mrs. Nayar, Mrs. sawant, Mrs. Usha, Mrs. Fernandes and all the ladies from ladies compartemnt.
Ritu Surjani      [ 2008-01-10 ]
Dear CR Please arrange all long distance train 12car instead of 9 car. CR run thane and kurla train 12car and for ambernath, karjat, badlapur is 9car. please try to 12 car as we are facing problem of boarding in 9 car. Regards, Neha, Meeta, Supriay, Usha, mabell, priya, manat, devi, hema, mamta, puja, sushma, Anita, Rekha and 75 ladies from ambernath and ulhasnagar.
priya      [ 2008-01-04 ]
it is the best system to know me about time table.but i do not need to tel you our problems because you already know that.please give the solution.
Piyush      [ 2008-01-03 ]
Please start FAST locals between CST to Bandra. Currently all the ones to Bandra/mahim from CST are slow
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2008-01-01 ]
please dismantile platforms Nos.9&10 at Kurla and construct an underground rly line between Kurla and Panvel via Chembur-Trombay etc.
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2008-01-01 ]
please connect all the 3 lines i.e. CRly, WRly & Harbour Lines near Mahim Junction so that commuters can easily travel from one place to another
jinal      [ 2007-12-31 ]
Please increase trains from Thane to Vashi in morning between 9 to 10.30 and evening 6 to 7.30
M Saleem Sarguroh      [ 2007-12-30 ]
the platform no. 9 and 10 at kurla station is unused for last so many years. it is encroached by slums. if we make use of those platforms to operate shuttle services from kurla to panvel it will reduce 50% of the rush on harbour line route of CST - Panvel as the trains to Panvel gets jammed at kurla station. it will reduce considerable rush and will allow us to travel safely. pl consider this request at your earliest.
Pravin Karivdekar      [ 2007-12-29 ]
Please provide Westen Railways time table also on site
SATISH TALIYAKAR      [ 2007-12-27 ]
Please provide me a harbourline railway timetable
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-12-27 ]
sanket      [ 2007-12-26 ]
Please provide me a harbourline suburban railway timetable
suhas      [ 2007-12-24 ]
Please provide me a harbourline suburban railway timetable
j      [ 2007-12-22 ]
can we purchase ticket for matheran (toy train) from dadar or any other station?
san      [ 2007-12-20 ]
Most of people unaware listening Music in high volume (mobile speakers) is not allowed. Please put the board/stickers in the Ladies compartments.
F Shah      [ 2007-12-20 ]
Too Good man... Excellent tool... Really appreciated the efforts... & very very usefull too...Thanks.
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-12-19 ]
First class compartments of CRlys should be lighted with red bulbs so that 2nd class peoople can avoid entering the 1st class compartments either knowingly or unknowingly
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-12-18 ]
Whether there is shortage of TCs in harbour branch? Why cant you post TCs in 1st class compartments of Vashi Locals especially during morning peak hours so that 1st class people can travel comfortably without harrassment of 2nd class passengers who travel illegally in 1st class.
Vijay Tayde      [ 2007-12-14 ]
Please increase some trains in Asangaon, UP & DOWN Do needful
bipinvora      [ 2007-12-13 ]
please extend all kurla local to thanaas there is maximum people travelling from thana and on ward the distance between two train not more than 3 minute .also start first train from c.s.t. to thana or long distance from 3-20 morningas you see that at dadar out side train trains reach at 3-00 in western railway and central railway it would be great if this can be possible.
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-12-13 ]
Mithali      [ 2007-12-13 ]
Kindly arrange TC in the Ist Class Compartment during the peak hours from Kalyan to Karjat and vice versa. And also provide a 12 Car Trains for Central Railway with a big compartment for the Ist Class Ladies Compartment. I hope you will do as per the requirement
Archana Gangarde      [ 2007-12-10 ]
Could you please provide a bigger compartment for the ladies first class as we are paying more but not getting the space also to get into the train. I would be thankful to you if this would have been worked out.
jaganath.R      [ 2007-12-05 ]
Please add a new platform at mankhurd,now no.1 platform use for down local to panvel,belapur,vashi& platform no.2 use for up locals to cst.platform no.3 use for mankhurd local(very diffcult to railway to starting the train mankhurd to cst so railway cancelled all the mankhurd local only 2 local trains are running at this time).please cancel the platform no.3 & add a new platform at the near of platfor no.2,after make a new platform platform no.1 for down local for vashi,belapur,panvel & platform no.2 reserved for MANKHURD LOCAL only (as like kurla,bandra,andher station platform no.2 is reservrd)& platform form.3 is use for down local for cst.start 3 to 4 mankhurd local train to cst with in one hour,at this time i hope very crowd station station is mankhurd in horbour line.also add panvel to vadala,kurla to panvel,andheri to belapur, andheri to panvel,
moly      [ 2007-12-03 ]
Please allow only 12 car trains between long distance i.e. Karjat, Khopoli, Ambernath, Kalyan and Kasara side to Mumbai CST especially for fast trains. Please use the 9 cars trains for short distance only like Kurla, Ghatkopar and Thane. Please consider the number of people travelling in a train and their struggles and do the needful at the earliest.
Saritha Nair      [ 2007-12-03 ]
I think that Central railway is not been able to increase the number of trains especially in the peak hours. Also I would really like to bring your attention towards giving a bigger compartment for the ladies first class. We pay more and travel uncomfortably. Its not the old dats where there used be only 1 or 2 people affording 1st class. The scene has changed a LOT.It would be great if this can be out forward in front of whoever concerned.
Jasminder Gujral      [ 2007-12-01 ]
Please could you also include timetable information for the Western and Harbour lines also. Thank you. Jasminder
K.K.JADHAV      [ 2007-11-29 ]
How can i get fast train from CST to PANVEL easily.When started the Manassarovar station.
POONAM PACHARNE      [ 2007-11-28 ]
you should add the tickit pass tariff card on this site.
Kadam      [ 2007-11-27 ]
On 26th November, 2007, I went to the coupon validating machine at Thane East, which is near the ticket windows of Platform No. 10. Some letters were printed on my coupon, but with a very faint ink, almost invisible. So my Rs. 3 coupon was wasted. Please ensure that all the CVMs are in proper working conition.      [ 2007-11-26 ]
please stop ladies from entering 1st class gents compartments immediately. Because gents are not allowed in ladies 1st class. Please note.
RAJ      [ 2007-11-25 ]
how can i get from thane to panvel in local train easily.when will local trains be introduced between these stations
k d jadhav      [ 2007-11-24 ]
there is no time table available for harbour line from CST to Panvel on internet. Please guide me
Manoj Arvind Sarnaik      [ 2007-11-23 ]
Also insert a link "Suggest / Refer link to an friend" in ur site so, we can refer this site to our friends & turn u can generate revenue by taking advertisements
Naresh      [ 2007-11-22 ]
Please incorporate western rail timetable also for our benefit and if possible, include the timings also
Sandeep      [ 2007-11-22 ]
can u please run some more trains during 1800 to 20.00 thanks
Fareed Shaikh      [ 2007-11-22 ]
This is very good site for locals , my suggestion is just add the monthly pass rate of 1st and 2nd class in the site. Thank you
Prakash      [ 2007-11-21 ]
great work guys....keep it up.
Chandrakant      [ 2007-11-21 ]
Very Informative, Very Good site especially for we mumbaikars. Thanks a lot to who ever who has conceived the idea of this site.      [ 2007-11-21 ]
Kadam      [ 2007-11-21 ]
We can never open the website printed on the timetable, i.e, . Why is this so? Always we get "Cannot find server" or something like that. Secondly, whatever we are typing in suggestion box, is it really reaching you? Or it is visible to other common people only? Thirdly, increase the number of ticket windows at Thane.
Muzammil fakih      [ 2007-11-19 ]
Khooool and v. help website -- keep up the good work
RAVINDRA WARIK      [ 2007-11-16 ]
Please put online time table of Western Railway locals and Diva Vasai & Diva Panvel trains in your list as well as new updates for outstation trains of central as well as western railway.
dolli s g      [ 2007-11-16 ]
It is a good site for information to public, kindly incorporate karjat pune local, thks
Kadam      [ 2007-11-15 ]
According to time table, 13 minutes are alloted to a fast train going from Thane to Dombivli, whereas recently I counted 17 minutes. So even if the train is on time at Thane, it reaches Dombivli 4 minutes late. So instead of alloting 13 minutes, allot 17 or 18 minutes. Similarly do this for all Stations.      [ 2007-11-15 ]
The railways should post TCs in front of 1st class compartments between Vashi and Kurla during morning and evening peak hours. This will reduce unauthorised entry of persons in 1st class.
M Selvaraj      [ 2007-11-13 ]
Please incorporate the time table of Western Railway locals and Diva Vasai & Diva Panvel trains in your list      [ 2007-11-12 ]
I fully agree with Navin L. Nobody has right to compare 1st class passenger with 2nd class passenger. I find 2nd class people travelling in 1st class during morning and evening peak hours. It is not fair. Moreover TC also is not coming to check.
Amar      [ 2007-11-12 ]
Thanks so much for putting up the Central Railway timetable online.
Manjeet      [ 2007-11-12 ]
The Only Solution for Harbour Line is to Start atleast 2 trains between these stations Panvel-Kurla & Kurla-CST trains. A Panvel-Kurla Train can Double the Frequency than the Panvel-CST trains
Navin L      [ 2007-11-10 ]
Dear Michelle, Do you know what is the difference between first class pass and second class pass. If you are struggling in line for that economy pass, first class passengers struggle to earn money to afford first class pass. The difference is almost 5 to 7 times. Where 2nd class commuters pay Rs. 200, first class commuter pays more than Rs. 1000. So you burn your time once a month ticket for less, we burn our pocket almost for month or quarter to buy that costly ticket. Navin L
Michelle Pereira      [ 2007-11-09 ]
Please abolish the system of giving first preference in line to First Class commuters, at least for the pass. The 2nd class traveller waits in line for at least 20 mins before he can take a pass while the 1st class traveller just comes in and collects his pass. Why this unfair practice by Railways? The 1st class traveller can at least wait in line once a month.
Tejashree      [ 2007-11-07 ]
Please increase the compartment for ladies first class, or make as many possible trains to have first 3 compartments for ladies first class
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-11-05 ]
please stop mega block during sundays
narendra      [ 2007-11-03 ]
If you can add western railways as well, it will be a complete listing. Please do it to facilitate the mumbai junta.
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-10-31 ]
Daily I never finds any TC entering Panvel or Belapur trains in the evening. Only when passengers are less TC are found that too in empty Vashi Local. Moreover many children are either travelling with 2nd class pass or without tickets. They are not caught. Even if they are caught they are left free. This creates lot of loss to the railways. TCs are therefore requested to kindly do the checking without partiality.
nikish      [ 2007-10-30 ]
start a train from panvel to thame as a route exists from turbhe
Gayatri Narayan      [ 2007-10-30 ]
I travel from Borivali to Kopherkhane when I come to Bandra harbour line train 8.17 morning always comes late because of that from wadala to vashi 8.30 a.m. everyday I am missing not only me many commuters coming vashi miss the train then we have to wait for 13 minutes and take Belapur train if you make the wadala vashi train 8.34
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-10-29 ]
Please book those persons who are travelling on the roof top of trains and see that they are prosecuted
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-10-29 ]
Please make 9.13 a.m. vashi local as general compartment instead of lady special. Please ask T.C. to mingle alongwith passengers from Vashi itself so that no 2nd class people enter the train especially from Mankhurd, Govandi, Chembur and Tilak Nagar stations.
l.s.viswanathan      [ 2007-10-29 ]
Morning it is better to start train from vashi to Kurla as many people goes for work to Bandra Kurla Complex. It is also better that railway put up TC squad in front of the 1st class compartment so that many ticket less travellers travelling in 1st class compartment can be booked and fined.
Shaikh Mohd.Yasin      [ 2007-10-27 ]
It is very good to introuduce more train between Thane & Vashi but because of that between Thane & Kalyan rush is very much increase in the train people of DOMBIVALI,DIVA,MUMBAR & KALWA will not catch the train in rush hour for that my suggestion is please intoruduce new slow train between Badlapur /Thane & Titwala/Thane atleast at rush hour. Thank you.
ajeesh      [ 2007-10-27 ]
including DIVA-VASAI-DIVA would be complete the list
AMAN      [ 2007-10-27 ]
plssssss give me new harbour line time table
RAMESH THAKUR      [ 2007-10-25 ]
we are travelling in the harbour line of mumbai and we face trouble to get in and out of the train. my request to you is to make arrangements of local trains from panvel every after five minutes that will help we people alot
Narendra      [ 2007-10-23 ]
give us western , harbour line and diva vasai rd time please
k. srinivasan      [ 2007-10-20 ]
Fantastic website for immediate search. good !!!!! srinivasan
ncs      [ 2007-10-20 ]
The Central Rly authorities especially Stn Mgr Thane needs to ensure that Semi Fast Local to CST ex Thane leaving at 830 am the rake should be wheeled from Car Shed or Siding instead of returning an incoming train. Thane commuters ESPECIALLY LADIES AND ELDERLY are GREATLY INCONVENIANCED. THIS ARRANGEMENT TO BE SIMILAR TO TRAIN STARTING FROM TNA AT 808 am. R the authorities listening.
Suhas Mehta      [ 2007-10-19 ]
in central line, kindly increase 12 car coach for slow trains at evening time . kindly start the speaker systems, which already installed in trains. Please put the station name indicatior boards inside the coach. increase the dombivli - kalyan local at evening time i.e. peak hours .
Vandana Chavan      [ 2007-10-19 ]
In central line, we are facing the problem to catch the train at Kalwa station on 8.00am to 11.00am.
sunil patil      [ 2007-10-19 ]
the timings which are changed from Oct.2007 are affecting the office class people, earlier timings were better
S L Winston      [ 2007-10-18 ]
The website is really good.It is a boon to travellers to find the train times between various stations, so that they pick up the right train. But it does not contain the harbour line timings. If this is also introduced it will help all the central railway suburban travellers. Thanking you Winston
C. C. Yadav      [ 2007-10-16 ]
To avoid the rushes at bandra Rly. Stn. Pl start 2 or 3 train within peak hrs i.e morning & even. from Bandra Terminus to Churchgate & Borivli. It will be helpful to the passengers of Khar, Santacruz & the passengers of Bandra (W) i.e Govt. Colony, Teachers colony etc.
Hitendra Panchal      [ 2007-10-16 ]
Pls seperate the line for Mail / Express Train & Suburban line & install the Time Management System alongwith increase the frequency of train within 3 minutes just like as in Western Railway.
Sandeep Pawar      [ 2007-10-16 ]
Is there any posibility that railway will start local train service between Thane and Borivali. If not please think of it because it will ease the traveling between thane and borivali and also reduce the traveling time. Please help me to forward my request to higher authorities who will convert this idea in real. Thank You.
LALTU DUTTA      [ 2007-10-10 ]
Please let us know about the new time table w.e.f 01.10.07 from Andheri to Panvel and back.
Narendra      [ 2007-10-10 ]
pls provide harbour line and western line time table same like this as central and thane vashi line PLEASE. Thank you
sally      [ 2007-10-06 ]
There is Thane fast at 6.23 pm 12 car Train. Thereafter the next train is at 6.35 pm 9 car Train for Kasara. This is a huge gap taking into consideration the peak time after 6 pm. Between 6 to 6.30 pm there are 2 mail trains due to whcih there is huge crow in Dadar Station. Please try to do something since everyday 8 to 10 people have to fall while boarding from Dadar.
Manan Kapadia      [ 2007-10-05 ]
Very helpful and informative site.
Vishal B      [ 2007-10-05 ]
Ghansoli to Vashi no extra train has started between 1800 to 1830hrs, but Ghansoli to Thane 1820 train has started. Please start trainsin the duration of 15mins each as it will be easy for commuters to travel
Deepa Raikar      [ 2007-10-05 ]
I rquest you to kindly send the new harbour line timetable from andheri to Panvel to and Fro. Thank you
Mohammed Iliyas      [ 2007-10-05 ]
Dear, Pls. send me new harbour line time table that effective from 1st Oct. 07. Thanks
Sachin Patra      [ 2007-10-05 ]
Pls. forward the New Time Table w.e.f. 2nd Octo. 2007 for the Harbour Line 1. CST to Andheri 2. Andheri to CST 3. Panvel to Andheri 4. Andheri to Panvel
Treasa      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Pls. forward the New Time table w.e.f. from 02.10.07 for the Harbour Lines. - Panvel to CST & Belapur to CST
sudhanan p. k.      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Though new time table for harbour line is introduced from 1st October 07 same is not available. Please provide the same
Vipul      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Hi, Can the railway list the new timetable on the web. They have made major changes on harbour line trains but Info is not avialable. ..Thanks
apoorv pande      [ 2007-10-04 ]
please send the new harbour line time table which is effective from 2nd october
Chiranjeevi      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Please provide new time table from Andheri to CST which is effective from 02.10.2007. Thanks and regards.
krrish      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Please provide new time table from Andheri to CST Harbour line which is effective from 02.10.2007. Thanks and regards.
nkmenon      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Please provide new harbour line timetable effective from 3-10-2007 after introduction of more services in thane-Panvel and Thane-Vashi. Please make it available on this site.
P.C. CHANDY      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Please provide new time table of harbour line
BMPatnaik      [ 2007-10-04 ]
Please consider diverting at least 2 CST bound local trains originating from Panvel during peak hours between 8.00AM and 9.00 AM to Main line at Kurla so that daily commuters working at Dadar, Byculla will be benefitted and the trouble of changing train is avoided.
apoorva surve      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please provide new time table from Andheri to CST Harbour line which is effective from 02.10.2007. Thanks and regards.
Ashwini      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please publish the new time table with effect from 2.10.2007 & please increase the frequency of trains from Vashi to Andheri.
ABHIJIT SAHA      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Plz. incorporate the new time table for Vashi-Thane track w.e.f 02-oct-2007 immediately.
Rashmi      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please mail me tiem table on the harbour line starting from Panvel to CST effective from 01.10.2007
P.C. CHANDY      [ 2007-10-03 ]
nisha singh      [ 2007-10-03 ]
please provide new time tabel from Belapur to Andheri harbour line which effective from 02/10/2007
prasad      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Pls provide new time table on the harbour line. Also it looks like new trains are not added,but trains destination has been extended...There is a lot of diff in this.
sadashiv ombale      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Pl. increase frequency in between 8 am to 11 am & 5 pm to 10 pm atleast 15 min. time for thane to vashi local route
mita chakrbarti      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Pls publish the new timetable for Harbour line, post the introduction of 33 new services.
Jiya Jayan      [ 2007-10-03 ]
pls do provide me the latest Harbour line time table from Panvel to CST (up) and CST to Panvel (Down) Also let us know if there are any new trains to Wadala from Panvel
Mangesh Kurup      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Pls provide the latest time table for the harbour line effective 02-10-2007. pls mail to above email id
Lydia      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please provide new time table from panvel to cst harbor line which effect from 02-10-2007, thank you
NILESH SHAH      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please let me know timings of new trains from ANDHERI to BELAPUR which started from 02.10.2007
Nisha      [ 2007-10-03 ]
please provide new harbour line Train Time Table w.e.f. 2-10-2007 fast.
Anugrah Taksale      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please let me know nthe timings of Andheri -Panvel trains and also if u can upload the time table for entire harbour line train timings, it would be really appreciated..
charlton dsouza      [ 2007-10-03 ]
please provide me timetable for andheri to cst harbour line time table w.e.f 03.10.07 thanks
akash raje      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please provide new time table from Andheri to panvel Harbour line which is effective from 02.10.2007. Thanks and regards
Parag      [ 2007-10-03 ]
Please provide new time table from Andheri to CST Harbour line (UP and DOWN) which is effective from 02.10.2007. Thanks and regards.
Swapnil      [ 2007-10-02 ]
Please provide new time table from panvel to cst harbor line which effect from 02-10-2007
BALAMUKUNDA PATNAIK      [ 2007-10-02 ]
Till such time local trains directly run between Thane and Panvel, there is a need to introduce trains between Vashi and Panvel in the evening peak hours i.e. between 6.00PM and 8.00 PM
Ricky Rebeiro      [ 2007-10-02 ]
Dear sir, Pls provide me a new time table from malad to vashi as i am working in vashi and i am find difficult to change from western to central and central to harbour, pls try tosend me mail assap thank you Ricky Rebeiro
Dattaraj Shirwadkar      [ 2007-10-02 ]
First of all thanks for giving attention on Harbour line. It is really required. What about time table. Pls. flash on site at the earliest. Thanks Datta S.
Gayatri Narayan      [ 2007-10-01 ]
make frequency from Borivali to Vashi so that those who are changing trains will be helpful
Sachida Nand Sinha      [ 2007-10-01 ]
Please provide new time table from panvel to cst harbor line which effect from 02-10-2007. Regards.
Kadam      [ 2007-10-01 ]
Lot of crowd at Thane bridges, especially over Platforms 5 and 6, people literally push each other, without thinking that by doing this they move to and fro at one place only. Bridges and maturity of people should be increased.
Charles      [ 2007-09-30 ]
Got the Newz of new trains in harbour line (33 in total) .. any new abt the timings?
Kadam      [ 2007-09-29 ]
Today (29th September), 18 : 06, 12 car fast local for CST came at 18 : 10, though it comes from Ambarnath. Mostly, long distance trains are about 10-11 minutes late. So 4 minutes late is really an improvement. Let us hope it 0 minutes late henceforth.
Trupti Gawde      [ 2007-09-29 ]
I Would Like To suggest that Please put Western railway time-table. Your Site is Very Much Useful To Us
Sumeetkalra      [ 2007-09-27 ]
Please put Western railway time-table
prem lakhwani      [ 2007-09-27 ]
please halt byculla Ambernath to CST Train 9.41 From Ambernath
Jagjit Singh      [ 2007-09-27 ]
Please increase the Harbour lines train from Kurla to Belapur in Every half hour at morning 8 AM to 12PM and in eveing 6PM to 10PM. It will help us in travelling. Your Friend, Jagjit Singh
sanjay      [ 2007-09-26 ]
Kasara train frequancy should be increase
Kagi      [ 2007-09-25 ]
Please put Western railway time-table. God bless you
Kadam      [ 2007-09-25 ]
Try to avoid train delays, by keeping spare time. For example, a fast local takes about 14 minutes from Dombivli to Thane. So in the timetable, keep a difference of 17 minutes between Dombivli time and Thane time, keeping 3 minutes spare. This will reduce the chances of delays.
Hirachand      [ 2007-09-24 ]
Please start fastlocal for harbourline.
Bhuvaneswari Ganesh      [ 2007-09-21 ]
Please arrange to increase the harbour lines train from Wadala to Andheri. The train running to Bandra local on harbour line may be changed to Andheri local.
arun      [ 2007-09-21 ]
such a nice work
VINOD      [ 2007-09-19 ]
Pashant Kadam      [ 2007-09-18 ]
I am very impressed withe this site.Please increase the train between thane to vashi & get the blessings from the passangers.
Ramachandran. D.      [ 2007-09-17 ]
Gr8 work. It would be still better if you can add the break up of slow & fast, 9 & 12 car trains between Thane & Mumbai CST. Also, several times during the day, there are consecutive Thane locals from or to Thane. Please list this also. Actually, these consecutive Thane trains are a waste bcos these trains go empty and the trains from or to beyond Thane are always jam-packed making life a hell for passengers beyond Thane. Thanx.
Kush      [ 2007-09-15 ]
I m not able to get the railway time table at railway stalls they say that it is not available can u plz tell at what time can i get
saurabh      [ 2007-09-14 ]
very informative site . keep up the good work
jayant patil      [ 2007-09-14 ]
where is perfect time table for cst to kasara -down & up.
Ghansham Bhandare      [ 2007-09-13 ]
Where is time table from CST TO PANVEL? Please tell me. Thanks.
ravi      [ 2007-09-13 ]
where is the time table for western railway.
s.d.mahajan      [ 2007-09-07 ]
In 8.07pm Badlapur local at kurla many rush in local before 3 thane locals are going.please provide before badlapur one kalyan or ambarnath local and 7.51pm titwal and 8.10pm karjat at kurla time is 20 minuts gap
sunil      [ 2007-09-07 ]
Request u to please help with harbour, western & central railway timetable. Looking journey from kurla to Andheri Thanx
s.d.mahajan      [ 2007-09-06 ]
In new time table 6.58am local from karjat to cst at kalyan time is 8.00am. so many time this local is always 10 to 15 mituts late because of kasara local not going. that kasara local time 7.56am at very rush in karjat local.please adjust time of karjat local 7.56am from kalyan stn.
Rajasekhar      [ 2007-09-06 ]
1. Pls. provide transportation from Thane to Kurla via Airoli & Vashi. 2. Pls arrange trains frequent for every 15 mins from Vashi to Thane & Vice Versa..
gaurav      [ 2007-09-03 ]
please start train panvel to mumbai cst on main line& also start fast train on harbour line
sandeep      [ 2007-09-03 ]
Good timetable. I suggest, like vashi-thane, you start local timetable for Lonavala-Pune also.
prashant suvarna      [ 2007-09-02 ]
the local trains are the lifeline of the mumbaikars. I would suggest you to please increase the trains from churchgate to virar as the population is increasing in these areas.
Pankaj      [ 2007-09-01 ]
Local Trains is the heart of Mumbai.As we request to hold fast train at Kanjur Marg because Kanjur Marg station is now imp to router to western side as a short cut for Hiranandani / Powai / L&T/ Saiknaka / Georagaon. Hence all the call center people all most getdowm at kanjur Marg for which they have to catch slow trains. Its a request sir from us.
Shrikant Sunchu      [ 2007-09-01 ]
The frequency of trains between Kalyan and CST should be increased. There are very less fast trains leaving from kalyan. We should make similar to western railway.
vijay      [ 2007-09-01 ]
like central line,provide us time table for panvel to cst and cst to panvel
hemant nair      [ 2007-08-31 ]
No doubt that Local Trains in Mumbai is very very helpful to everyone. Only thing is if the display board of stations (on which side the platform comes, station name also) in local trains locations that will help a lot...
Sweety      [ 2007-08-29 ]
we request to start the train from Vashi to Andheri and from andheri to Vashi in peak hours (not the limited freq which is running currently i.e. frm BR to AD in eve at 4.30, 5.30 & 6.30) Pls consider this req
sanman      [ 2007-08-28 ]
some stations from harbour are not listed pls arrange thses stations
s s bamrah      [ 2007-08-28 ]
v request to consider andheri to vashi so that 1 need not change train from dadar(w.r) 2 dadar(cr) then to kurla & then kurla to vashi. thanks for otherwse wonderful site
Manish P      [ 2007-08-27 ]
wadala station is not Listed. I want to know wadala to panvel train timings. Please list it. Thanking you.
J G nagwani      [ 2007-08-25 ]
Panvel station is not listed. Please arrange to add CSTM PNVL route
Sumeet      [ 2007-08-25 ]
Thanks for this cool tool
M.Venkatesan      [ 2007-08-24 ]
Excellent information. You should publish one for Western Railway also.Thank you very much for the hard work put in by your team members.
Vinayak      [ 2007-08-24 ]
Very commendable. Thanks a lot, dude
Sachin      [ 2007-08-23 ]
Thanks a Lot. Great work. I guess we should have one for Western railways also. But this efforts are really appreciated
Debashish Roy      [ 2007-08-23 ]
Kudos!!! A very handy information to newcomers and outsiders who move in to Mumbai.
Reema      [ 2007-08-22 ]
Its truly an amazing site. Very convenient n easy to use. Good efforts put in. Regards...
Mayur      [ 2007-08-22 ]
Is there something similar to this for western railways? ofcourse this is too good
shyam nair      [ 2007-08-21 ]
great!!!! excellent!!!! great job!!
amol pandit      [ 2007-08-21 ]
Thanks a have done great job keep it up..Great work...
s.p. sonawane      [ 2007-08-21 ]
very very useful site for all mumbai citizens
Neeraj Pattath      [ 2007-08-19 ]
I really appreciate your efforts in brining down such information to the local users....
shrinagesh Naik      [ 2007-08-19 ]
Excellent work, you guys n gals are doin a gr8 job. Pl keep it up.
xman      [ 2007-08-19 ]
this is an awesome site for all living in mumbai
S. Sriram      [ 2007-08-16 ]
Great work!! Please also include western railway time table.
harshal      [ 2007-08-14 ]
coool guys. doing a grt job. ur site has been very helpful to me. its very easy and convinent to get information abt sub urban trains
Ashok Agrawal      [ 2007-08-14 ]
MOHAN SHELAR      [ 2007-08-14 ] think in a social way......great job
Girish      [ 2007-08-13 ]
Good & great job
partap singh      [ 2007-08-13 ]
Can you also provide the timings for WEST local buses in mumbai?that will be very helpful for all mumbaikars.i hope you will pay some attention on it.
Rohini      [ 2007-08-11 ]
It a great job no hassels of carrying timetables
Vinesh Nair      [ 2007-08-11 ]
Extremely helpful. Time saving. Good effort guys...Kudddooosss to ur team
Sunil      [ 2007-08-10 ]
Getting Suburban timetable online is very useful... Great job.. keep it up.. Thanks
partap singh      [ 2007-08-10 ]
Great job,shows the measures for the lifeline of mumbai.keep it up
lyneskevin      [ 2007-08-10 ]
sir i cannot get the whole time table list for suburb western line i.e virar to churhgate
Sunil Sawant      [ 2007-08-09 ]
Good job, please updated the time table CST - Panvel & Wester line also
siddhesh      [ 2007-08-09 ]
nice work man keep it up!!!! it will help to railway commuters in mumbai!!
s.k.sircar      [ 2007-08-07 ]
i need vashi to cst timetable urgently
ANURAG ATWAL      [ 2007-08-07 ]
The train service is perfect....true lifeline of mumbai.
siji      [ 2007-08-07 ]
its g8 job .i liked it.but i would like to know western railway timetable also
PRASANNA      [ 2007-08-06 ]
PrasadR      [ 2007-08-06 ]
Really helped us to plan journeys. Thanks. Great job.
Poonam      [ 2007-08-06 ]
You are doing excellent job. But i would like to make a request that please show the timetable of local trains of western railways. Thank you.
anilbb2      [ 2007-08-02 ]
very good informative sight
Manasi      [ 2007-08-02 ]
How can I get western railway updated time table, pl. help.
vids      [ 2007-07-31 ]
g8 job with all required info handy. all the best
Sabir      [ 2007-07-28 ]
You are doing excellent job. But i would like to make a request that please show the timetable of local trains of western railways. Thank you.
Mahesh Hegde      [ 2007-07-26 ]
I would like to request all my friends to update Station Plattform Detail . So let me start from Mulund, 1 - Slow Towards Thane 2. Slow Towards CST 3. Fast Towards Thane 4. Fast Towards CST Ticket Booking counters at Plattform 1 and above 4 Same in Vikhroli staton Also.Only ticket counter is in plattform No :4
ankush deshpande      [ 2007-07-25 ]
fantastic information ..most of the time table sites on the web are not updated.i found this one updated to the latest time tables of almost all trains.good qork boys keep it up .work appriciated
ANWAR K SHAIKIH      [ 2007-07-25 ]
this is amazing but what will we do if we want to see without internet. then make this time table for the without internet software. that we can take update every time when timetable will change.
N Chandrasekar      [ 2007-07-25 ]
U r doing a great social service in keeping the local time table on the net. Central rly site itself is not so customer friendly as yours. Pl keep it up. I AM SURE SOMEONE FROM RLYS READ THIS.
Ashok      [ 2007-07-25 ]
I found the site most helpful for all the rail commuters. It would be great if you incorporate Western Train Timings, as there were other no authentic source for the western local timings.
sandeep Deshmukh      [ 2007-07-25 ]
Excellent site, good information on local time table. i suggest you start pune-lonavala local time table also
Shivram Bhangare      [ 2007-07-25 ]
There no local from 8.00 pm to 8.47pm (47 minitus) towords kalyan on fast trak. so vary rush for Kasara local (8.47 pm at CST).
Zakir Sayed      [ 2007-07-24 ]
Great concept. But please update the timings as there are minutes difference in train schedule.
s.d.mahajan      [ 2007-07-23 ]
There no local from 7.51pm to 8.10pm (20 minitus) towords kalyan on fast and slow trak. so vary rush for next all locals.
Saurav      [ 2007-07-22 ]
Good web site i like such type of information site.
pramod      [ 2007-07-22 ]
Can CR give attention towards TLA &AN side Dont have fast local before 7.10am trains time gap Avg 30 minin mornig afternoon same sititutoin
mahesh Thorat      [ 2007-07-20 ]
Pleae Dispaly Flatform no also in time table !
anil n gohel      [ 2007-07-20 ]
i know CR is fully loaded with express trains, But still i expect CR should increse the frequency of fast train at night time........
anil      [ 2007-07-20 ]
If possible then increase the speed of EMU when its leaving from kalyan station in down side direction from platform no. 2 & 3 to Karjat.
anil      [ 2007-07-20 ]
Increse the speed of train at kalyan station when its leaving from Platform no. 6 & 7 to CST side. coz it takes so much time to cross the tracks. speed should be 30 KMPH When its crosses the tracks.
Sandra      [ 2007-07-19 ]
For the last 3/4 year not a single Up/down Karjat local - {New train} has been introduced. Inspite of other locals being introduced passengers of nearby stations make use of these Karjat trains thereby stopping the passenger who really has to go to Karjat from getting into the train. As it is there is a vast time gap beweens the Karjat trains. When will the authorities wake up from slumber and make the Karjat Train Double fast thereby stopping them halt at Kurla, Ghatkopar & Dombivli
v.d.joshi      [ 2007-07-17 ]
Time Table search of suburban Train Starting & End at shows undefined.Pl do the needfull
Shivram Bhangare      [ 2007-07-16 ]
I am a Physicaly handicaped (30%), can i travel in handicape coach. Please give me details (rules) of Handicaped coach of local tran
SHARAD      [ 2007-07-16 ]
please send me central railway new tine table
KISHORE GUPTA      [ 2007-07-16 ]
Dadar to Pune (IInd Class fair with exorerss train ?
Kishore Gupta      [ 2007-07-16 ]
1) Bhayander To Pune Ist & Class with Express Train Pass Fair ?
Prashant R Patil      [ 2007-07-13 ]
Humble request to Central Railway Authority for Local Trains, that there should be all 12 COACH LOCAL TRAINS its compulsary from Mumbai CST to Kasara & Mumbai CST to Karjat. Or else you people personally make a survey for 1 Day. As i know its not possible to increase frequency becoz of lack of INFRASTRUCTURE.
Gagan Verma      [ 2007-07-11 ]
a train should be run starting from kurla to CST from 8:00 to 9:00 am.
Anil Avhad      [ 2007-07-10 ]
Vashi-Thane train frequency shall be atleast 10 to15 minutes in peak hours which will encorage commuters to use railway instead of road and will avoid road traffic along this route.
Anil Avhad      [ 2007-07-10 ]
Vashi-Thane train frequency shall be atleast 10 to15 minutes in peak hours which will encorage commuters to use railway instead of road and will avoid road traffic along this route.
Samir S. Gupte      [ 2007-07-09 ]
Please increase some trains in Thane to Karjat & Thane to Kasara between 20.00 to 22.00
AMK PATHAN      [ 2007-07-09 ]
Prasad anil tanak      [ 2007-07-08 ]
Pls increase thane to vashi and vashi to thane railway frequency
santosh palav      [ 2007-07-07 ]
please add new local train from dadar to karjat between 6.00am to 7.00am
kuldeep choudhary      [ 2007-07-07 ]
Please increase some trains in Asangaon, UP & DOWN
santosh palav      [ 2007-07-07 ]
please add new local train from dadar to karjat between 6.00am to 7.00am
Sandra      [ 2007-07-06 ]
On Wednesday the 6.24 pm Karjat local which is a 12 coach was run only 9 coach thereby keeping the woman passengers standing right from VT TO Ulhasnagar. Passengers who can avail of other trains to reach their destination take access of the nine coach and crowd the compartment like logs of woods in a room. When will the rlys. look into the agony of passengers travelling to Karjat by this train.
DILIP MEGHJI GOGARI      [ 2007-07-05 ]
DILIP MEGHJI GOGARI      [ 2007-07-05 ]
kushal      [ 2007-07-05 ]
Please increase the frequency of badlapur trains.The trains can also be started from kalyan to badlapur especially in the morning and evening time.This will help to travel much better.I recommend that all trains coming upto ambernath in the evening and morning should be extended upto badlapur.Please look at the issue
Mahesh Hegde      [ 2007-07-05 ]
Dear .. You are doing excellent Job. First of all i appreciate your Job. This is great website which give us exact information in our need base format. People will not find out such information elsewhere in web.. Great !! Now Tell me about new time table which is effective from July 07 ..
Anis      [ 2007-07-05 ]
Hi Could you tell me what are the train schedule from Khopoli till dadar between 5 to 8pm in the evening?
Hemlata Chandnani      [ 2007-07-05 ]
we people living on Ambernath side face a great problem from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the morning as we have one 9.11 train at Ulhasnagar which comes from Karjat and is fully pack and the other train is only at 9.47 for CST so if we miss the train we have to wait for almost 40 minutes for other train and get late to office
Vishnuprasad      [ 2007-07-04 ]
Since I stay at Dombivli, I feel that the existing services are sufficient. But, i suggest that there can be an increase in the number of DI locals especially during the morning peak hours. Also, fast trains from DL can also be introduced since the number of commuters travelling to and from DL is very huge and trains are the best means of transport for people staying here. Thank you.
Abhay Gurav      [ 2007-07-04 ]
Please Run 6.20 pm Kasara Train & 6.39 pm Asangaon Train Boarding from CST for 12 Car Rake as this is a peak hour of commuters
Abhay Gurav      [ 2007-07-04 ]
Please Run 6.20 pm Kasara Train & 6.39 pm Asangaon Train Boarding from CST for 12 Car Rake as this is a peak hour of commuters
Sandra      [ 2007-07-04 ]
The time gap between the Karjat trains is more than any other trains. All badlapur trains should go up to Karjat
ANKITI DHANANJAY SATHE      [ 2007-07-03 ]
Amarjeet K. Chahal      [ 2007-07-02 ]
Please increase some trains in Asangaon, UP & DOWN
manisha c keer      [ 2007-07-02 ]
please add new local train from dadar to badlapur between 16.45pm to 17.37pm


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