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List of Suggestions/Comments/Feedback for sindhicuisine
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ajay khatwani      [ 2011-09-11 ]
like ur site could u plese mail me some chiken recpies thanx
Vinita Daryani      [ 2011-07-24 ]
Hi Can you send in those recipes through e-mails as in RS-feed.
Poonam      [ 2011-05-11 ]
I want to know how far khuskhus can be used?Means 2,3 or 5yrs old kept in a refrigerator?Pls reply ASAP
rajkumar mansharamani      [ 2011-02-06 ]
Recepie for making ferment for making doli a type of poori? The trick lies in making the ferment for making the dough. 7 spices - cloves, cinnamon, big cardamom, saunf, chana dal, poppy seeds and one more - are used to making the ferment with water. It is left undisturbed for more than 24 hours which is used in making the dough which is again allowed to stand and raise and then pooris are made by stuffing boiled yellow dal flattening on hand and and deep fried.
eswari balan      [ 2010-12-11 ]
how do I read the answers to the questions asked? Someone asked about kalunji and gondh gum; how do I get the same answers?
sunita      [ 2010-11-21 ]
please can u email me the recipe of seyal mani and seyal bread in green seyal masala
chander      [ 2010-10-29 ]
very good to share clutral dish
Mike      [ 2010-07-05 ]
Please give me the english names of gondh and kalunji
bindu      [ 2010-06-08 ]
Pls give the recipe for bhindi potato in green seyal masala
himat nawani      [ 2010-04-13 ]
I am badly in need of good abroad job,I can do any kind of job,I know cooking verywell,anybody can help me out.
sangeeta      [ 2010-02-13 ]
great site. pls. give recipe of gajar in rai water and sweet mango pickle.thanx.
Joseph      [ 2009-09-24 ]
where do I get GONDH(GUM) AND KALUNJI(black seeds)
komal      [ 2009-08-22 ]
Dear Sir, I wanted the jhulelal palav, panjra and aarti in hindi. Please guide me where i will get. Thanks & regards KOMAL
SELVA RAJ      [ 2009-08-13 ]
biju      [ 2009-05-20 ]
Where can i get gondh (edible gum)?
ishu      [ 2009-03-28 ]
Want to learn puri bhaji
priya      [ 2009-03-11 ]
can someone please give me or help me find receipe for bhesni bhaji or its besni bhaji? thanks
Manisha      [ 2008-09-28 ]
Can someone tell me the recipe for sindhi shaadhi jo basar, sindhi onion pickle
champs      [ 2008-08-22 ]
pls let me know what prayers to recite when u do chando with arkrieu nthen eat the lolas
Pushpa Chhabria      [ 2008-08-01 ]
Hey i saw this chhola dhabhalla dish but i just wanted to know how it looks can you put some snaps in the website plsss
jyothi      [ 2008-07-22 ]
Please give me karela recipe using dahi gravy all made by sindhi community
kamla      [ 2008-07-11 ]
can you give me a recipe how to make sindhi veg pilau
nina      [ 2008-07-05 ]
can you please give the recipe for carrot pickle made in rai (crushed mustard) water and the recipe for sindhi meethi chutney (made from raw mangoes)
Ruhi Bajaj      [ 2008-07-03 ]
please send me the recipe of sindhi shikarpuri khoya. a sweet dish which contains dates (chuara), dhaniya ka magaj, khuskhus etc...
thakur      [ 2008-06-15 ]
please give names of sindhi recipe english books and where they are available.
plak alamchandani      [ 2008-06-10 ]
thanks 4r all ur receipes,pls email me if any body has new dish.............
neelam sachanandani      [ 2008-05-29 ]
There is a book by Kaushi Bhatia on sindhi recipes also , anyone can look for that , its very complete Thanks
shalu vaswani      [ 2008-05-22 ]
please email sindhi style carrot pickle recipes. gajjar jo achar
Jayprakash H. nihalani      [ 2008-05-13 ]
thanking you, give us all type of recipes it used to any festival thanks
jasmine      [ 2008-04-13 ]
Anjali      [ 2008-02-14 ]
could you please also add recipes of sindhi pickles, carrot and onion pickles made in water (gajar, basar ji khatain, ras wari)
Arjan M.Khubchandani      [ 2008-01-08 ]
I think it will be helpful to many if a glossary be added in your presentations. This should give Sindhi / local language equivalents of material specified to be used in preparations. Thank you, Arjan
jayashree m Khanchandani      [ 2008-01-05 ]
hi can you please update me with all sindhi recipe cause i am gujrathi married to a sindhi
hitasha rohra      [ 2008-01-04 ]
plz put up vedioes of preparations also
Dr.N.B.Tulsani      [ 2008-01-02 ]
can u pl give me the recepie for making sindhi shikarpuri khoya?
sandeep talreja      [ 2007-12-13 ]
may your missing dal pakwaan here
INDAR N. SUJAN      [ 2007-12-12 ]
Ramesh      [ 2007-12-07 ]
This is very useful, probably max no of recipes seen at one place (sindhi only)
jyoti vaswani      [ 2007-12-06 ]
Can you add pakora bhaji in yogurt gravy in the recipes. My husband likes it but i am not too sure if the pakora should have any soda in it or not and also if they should be soft when frying them
sita      [ 2007-12-01 ]
Hi, I want a receipe of loli/lolo sweet, kindly send this sindhi loli receipe & can i get other sites of sindhi receipes
sipra mukherjee      [ 2007-11-13 ]
i am a fan of sindhi food staying in kolkata. Can anyone tell me any restaurant which offers sindhi food? Thanks.
varsha      [ 2007-11-12 ]
i would like to know the recipe og shulgum kofta aur in sindi gogru ja kofta
nishika      [ 2007-11-07 ]
good receiepes...
Dishti      [ 2007-11-06 ]
I would like to have the recipe of Sindhi Taayari (Sweet Rice) please. Thanks a lot.
Meena      [ 2007-10-23 ]
Can iplease please have the recipe for pava a.s.a.p.Would appreciate it greatly.
Surrayya      [ 2007-10-19 ]
please give the recipe for bhogaro Hyderabadi sindhi. (known as panjiri in N.India). Also give the recipe for MayhaR jo maao, Shikarpuri SinGaran ji mithaii.
Jyoti H      [ 2007-10-16 ]
I need the receipe of monthal & would like to know the site for sindhi recipes
Mani      [ 2007-10-14 ]
hi i want a receipe of sindhi mutton
Ravi A RAMANI      [ 2007-10-14 ]
Thanks for these delicious sindhi mummy loved it.thanks once again
sonali      [ 2007-09-24 ]
Hi, I want a receipe of loli/lolo sweet, kindly send this sindhi loli receipe. thanks sonali.
RAz      [ 2007-09-20 ]
hey nice sit but my mum nknow al recipes i love curry chawl but u could a another rcipe tomatocurry thats delicious
Heena Maherchandani      [ 2007-09-16 ]
Nice site but i cant believe they havent posted one of the all time sindhi favs gatte ji bhaji.
almas      [ 2007-09-02 ]
hi my name is almas i want to know reciepe for cherra paratha plz help me out
Manisha      [ 2007-09-01 ]
this site is very nice and the food shown in this site is very exotic i wish this site may keep on going
DEEPA KHIANI      [ 2007-08-27 ]
This site is very nice and helpful to all good job keep it up.
Monica Gurnani      [ 2007-08-13 ]
hey, i would like one or two more dishes to be included in this list, so ppl would get more recipes to know. where shud i submit them?
sunita achria      [ 2007-08-03 ]
champa      [ 2007-06-26 ]
pls be kind enough to suggest the receipe of lollo and other traditionals sweet lolis,ur suggestion will be highly appreciated,Best Wishes & God Bless
Sunil Gangwani      [ 2007-06-22 ]
i am from baroda (gujarat) can u tell me how can i get sindhi food racipe book in kuwait as am residing in kuwait (gulf)
Kavita      [ 2007-06-01 ]
Hi!This is a lovely indian recipe.It can be serves with mich chutney or aam chutney or pickle
Kavita      [ 2007-06-01 ]
Hi!This is a lovely indian recipe.It can be serves with mich chutney or aam chutney or pickle
champs chand      [ 2007-05-22 ]
Hi! excellent stuffed kerela receipe,am lookinf 4 palangtolmeethai.also for mohantal and pakan,pls be kind enough to send the receipe by mail ,will appreciate it Best Wishes & God Bless
Dipri      [ 2007-05-10 ]
I m also from ulhasnagar but i m staying out of india, i want to know the receipe of sindhi aachar(pickle)green chilli pickle in vinegar, and lemon pickle.pls reply me.
prakash bijlani      [ 2007-04-13 ]
teach me how 2 make sindhi curry but with tuvar dal and not with besan
usha kaku      [ 2007-04-05 ]
this is very good. and u want seyal phulka that is do the peases of phulka, then in taie put some oil and pinch jeera, rai and hing or garlick paste then u put tameto grean chilly and ginger pest and salt haldi and red chilly powder and little water. when cooke then put peaces of phulka and green coriendar leaves and u can serve and eat.
geeta      [ 2007-03-24 ]
pl. suggest hw to make seeyal phulka
prakash      [ 2007-03-14 ]
How about non-veg dishes. Not all sindhis are veggies?
renu hinduja      [ 2007-03-07 ]
Please provide receipe for Bharwan Shimla Mirch and Karela
kaajal kakar      [ 2007-03-06 ]
thank u 4 sindhi curry receipe
sunil      [ 2007-03-04 ]
u had not written dingri as sindhi saabji. the site is very fine i also want to contribute some information related to sindhis
meena      [ 2007-02-21 ]
i am in hyderabad and searching a maid to work with me, who can cook sindhi food, can you help?
SBJ      [ 2007-02-20 ]
would like to post Recipes for Chole Bread
pooja      [ 2007-02-18 ]
thanks for all receipe can i get the reciepe of Khoya & Makhani dal Thanks in adv
Bina Makhija      [ 2007-01-31 ]
Can I contribute sindhi and other recipes on this site. If yes how do i do that?

Admin: We will be more than delighted to have contributions from anyone. Just post message like this and we'll get in touch with you.
Sachin Mirajkar      [ 2007-01-13 ]
All recepies pages if u make it picturised will be appreciated.
ponam lachwani      [ 2006-12-28 ]
vari kintha shuru karya ,the dishes are not all but quite helpfull for sindhis leavin abroad and on own .
engineerafaq      [ 2006-11-27 ]
this site not only for sidhis but i feel it is beneficial for vegs.
Vinita      [ 2006-11-21 ]
Well known recipes are detailed very well. Still recipes that seem to have lost with time needs to be added. To state some 1) Doli - (fermented poori stuffed with dal) 2) Varo - 3) Sindhi Pickles (kachkol/gajar-shaljam) 4) Moong Ka paratha 5) Makhani Dal 6) Moong Dal with Kokum 7)Kupdi 8) Besan Chilla 9) Makai jo dhodho 10) Bharwan Bhindi 11) Taral Baigan 12) Onion Karela There are many.......I hope someone would tell me the recipe of Doli. Thanks & Regards
champa chand      [ 2006-10-06 ]
Excellent info 4 sindhis living abroad,should brief us more abt the basic prayers like satanarayan pooja ganesh choth,chand ,navrati, dewalipoojas,their rituals,food receipes&traditionsand hwe to pay respect for the departed souls,yr information will be highly appreciated &be an awakening for the younger generations Champs
jeetu Dadlani      [ 2006-10-05 ]
if u could add in some non veg dihes as well like Pava (goat tail)
NARESH ROHRA      [ 2006-09-18 ]
Very good site but still something missing. I feel that some breifings about the people who have really done something for our sindhi community all over india, should be given here as a tribute to them
amit      [ 2006-08-06 ]
it's the best website for sinhis like us. keep it up!


List of Suggestions/Comments/Feedback for sindhicuisine
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